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"We're gonna need a bigger plow..." Massive, persistent singal now emerges discretely in the models, 20th-23rd

Typhoon Tip

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6 minutes ago, backedgeapproaching said:

ALY had less than 1" here mid day. Some of the mesos did look good, but they can overdone at times around the mtns. ALY throw up a WWA after 3-4" were already down.  

4.7" with arctic dust falling now.

Yeah your obs earlier surprised me but I guess it was coming. All in 3 hours so far over 1”/hr.

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16 minutes ago, Lava Rock said:

U guys always seem to land on your feet

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This was just latitude and longitude... which I guess is often the case in winter climo, ha.  Further north and further west.  "Up and in" except in coastal patterns.

Champlain Valley getting good snows too.  Fairly widespread 3-5" behind the cold front.  Anafrontal rarity that wasn't really upslope either but synoptic driven.

With the 1.5" this morning on front end, we could end up adding ~6" to the season total in this, along with damaging winds.

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What a day in BTV too.... gusted 70mph (2nd highest ever recorded since 1882 there).

This evening just ripping off M1/4sm visibility Heavy Snow and Wind during the flash freeze.

METAR KBTV 240050Z AUTO 24014KT M1/4SM +SN FZFG VV006 M06/M08 A2899 RMK P0006
METAR KBTV 240045Z AUTO 27013G18KT M1/4SM +SN FZFG VV005 M06/M08 A2898 RMK P0006
METAR KBTV 240040Z AUTO 26014KT M1/4SM +SN FZFG VV005 M06/M08 A2897 RMK P0005
METAR KBTV 240035Z AUTO 25014KT M1/4SM +SN FZFG VV005 M06/M08 A2897 RMK P0005
METAR KBTV 240030Z AUTO 24016KT M1/4SM +SN FZFG VV005 M05/M07 A2897 RMK P0005
METAR KBTV 240025Z AUTO 24013KT M1/4SM +SN FZFG VV005 M05/M06 A2896 RMK P0005



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1 minute ago, HoarfrostHubb said:

Yeah. Looking at radar that could be legit. 
Im still not sure what is producing it

Well it’s really unstable in lower levels. You have cyclonic flow so enough moisture aloft, and I think some convergence along a front and with LLJ. You can see this on the NAM. 

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