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"We're gonna need a bigger plow..." Massive, persistent singal now emerges discretely in the models, 20th-23rd

Typhoon Tip

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9 minutes ago, Ginx snewx said:

Lol yesterday when you posted about Ct power grid I laughed. Jefffafa AWT

Just coming off a birch bender a few days back lol, It takes more then a mouse fart up here to go down, Coastal counties is where's the most outages with the strongest wind gust.

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1 hour ago, dryslot said:

Anybody in the .50s?

.41 is the alpha of the group.

1 hour ago, Lava Rock said:

Where's the tailgate? Never heard of it. Winds ripping again

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Just south of the center of town on Route 26. It's a great local dive bar, friendly locals, and cheap bar food that hit the spot. I usually head there to play pool and hang out when my wife is out of town.

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Someone in N ORH county is gonna get advisory snow out of that. Those heavy bands are almost training over Hubbdave’s area to Westminster/Gardner/FIT/Lunenburg 

FIT airport might just be missing it south but it looks like they are about to get it good




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