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November 2022 OBS/DISC

Baroclinic Zone

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8 minutes ago, TauntonBlizzard2013 said:

Let that muggy 70 degree air in!

I’ll take the AC. I know we have a lot of heroes on here that weirdly suffer and beat their chests over not turning on the AC, but I’ll take the comfort.

It’s not bad at all and this is coming from someone who likes to sleep in an igloo. There’s a breeze. 

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33 minutes ago, CoastalWx said:

It’s not bad at all and this is coming from someone who likes to sleep in an igloo. There’s a breeze. 

Yep. My wife thinks I’m some anomaly.

Our condo has either heating or cooling, and they switch invariably mid April/October. So high DP nights in the shoulder months are brutal.

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From Donsutherland1 in the NYC forum. 

Today was another exceptionally warm November day. Readings soared into the middle and upper 70s across the region. The warmth extended across northern New England into Canada.

Records included:

Allentown: 75° (tied record  set in 1935 and tied in 1994)
Albany: 76° (old record: 75°, 1994)
Atlantic City: 76° (tied record set in 1961 and tied in 2003)
Bangor: 73° (old record: 71°, 1938)
Bridgeport: 73° (old record: 72°, 1961)
Buffalo: 79° (old record: 76°, 1948)
Burlington: 74° (old record: 72°, 1938)
Caribou: 73° (old record: 67°, 1982)
Concord: 78° (old record: 75°, 1994)
Hartford: 78° (old record: 76°, 1994)
Islip: 74° (old record: 70°, 1975, 2005, and 2015)
Manchester, NH: 79° (old record: 75°, 2015) ***New November Record***
Montreal: 74° (old record: 66°, 1988) ***New November Record***
New Haven: 74° (old record: 72°, 1961 and 1975)
New York City-LGA: 75° (old record: 74°, 2005)
Newark: 79° (old record: 77°, 1959)
Portland: 75° (old record: 71°, 1994)
Providence: 75° (tied record set in 1994)
Quebec City: 72° (old record: 63°, 2008)
Rivière-du-Loup, QC: 68° (old record: 58°, 2008)
Saguenay, QC: 70° (old record: 67°, 2008)
Rochester: 77° (old record: 75°, 2015)
Syracuse: 77° (old record: 73°, 2015)
White Plains: 75° (old record: 73°, 2005)

Caribou recorded its first ever 70° November temperature in 2020. Today, it recorded its second ever November temperature. Saint-Anicet, Quebec set a provincial November record high reading of 78°.

Tonight, one will turn back the clocks one hour. In terms of weather, one will turn the calendar back to mid-September. Temperatures will again reach the middle 70s across many parts of the region tomorrow. On Monday, a few places could approach or reach 80°.

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