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November 2022 OBS/DISC

Baroclinic Zone

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11 hours ago, Lava Rock said:

1.17" last nite. Too bad it wasn't sn. More useless rn coming

Sent from my SM-G981U1 using Tapatalk

Storm total 1.40", 0.07" of which came after my obs time last evening.  Novie numbers:

Avg temp:  37.0°   +3.5 and 3rd mildest of 25 here.
Avg max:   46.5°   +4.1 and 2nd highest
Avg min:    27.5°    +3.0 and 3rd highest

Precip:  4.47"    +0.20   3rd consecutive AN month, 1st triplet since 12/15-2/16.  Year remains 2.95" BN.  1.33" on 11/30 was the wettest day.

Snowfall:  2.3"    Exactly half the avg.  2.2" fell on 11/16 and at least 1" hung around until the 11/30 storm obliterated it.  That storm began with 0.1" mix.

2nd highest available November sunshine, next to last Novie.  The month was most remarkable by its first 13 days and then the abrupt change.
1-13:    60/36   +11
14-25:  34/20   -5
And also by the early month's very mild days:
The 58° low on 11/6 is 6° above any previous November minimum and that day's mean of 63.5° tops #2 by 5.5°.  3rd highest November mean is 11/12/22.  11/7/22 at 56.5° is tied for 4th mildest and 53.5° on 11/5 is 9th.  The 52° on the 1st is only tied for 14th.
The +26° of 11/6/22 is highest positive departure by 3.4°; only the -26.5° departure of 11/22/18 is greater. 


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