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24 minutes ago, weathafella said:

Agree!  I rarely drink anymore but have definitely moved more to bourbon when going the whiskey route.  When we go to dinner an old fashioned is the drink of choice.  At home it’s bourbon neat.

Sounds good to me! Speaking of ordering spirits I'm getting low....be back in a while!

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8 hours ago, CoastalWx said:

Tell me more!!!


3 hours ago, jbenedet said:

Wow what a beautiful day.

Another +10 in the books for Mowvember.

Yeah we got up to 54 in my full sun poorly sited thermo that is right next to the driveway. The wind made it feel super nice. Really wish I was wearing shorts as I was spreading fertilizer with my lawn tractor and fully erect nipples.


seriously  Dear Father Pope, please give it a rest

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