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May 2022 Thread


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Decent TS arrived here just before 2, 0.45" in 12 minutes, had to be some 3"/hr rates at peak.  Thunder was underwhelming, 2-3 rumbles/minute and nothing remotely close - maybe C-C strikes?  Just had another little shower but the best is past for this one, though increasing May rain by 50% is a win.

Checked on the gauge at Dickey, St. John up to 17.2k cfs, quite the jump from 5.4k yesterday morning.  The slope of rise is lessening, so I'd guess the crest will be ~18k unless another toad strangler hits.  FB had a picture from Cyr Plantation (10 miles south of Van Buren) of a paved road with a gap 10' wide and 10' deep.  Probably blew out the old logging road crossings on the township's public lot; last significant harvest there was 21-22 years go.

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Man. We got Steined here . WTF
Looking like the same here. 0.02 last nite and a few sprinkles now. Radar not encouraging. Par for the course here as most tstorm/shower frcsts never materialize. Tenney Hill forcefield.

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33 minutes ago, Damage In Tolland said:

I live 2 miles NW of 84. That station is like 5 miles NNE of me 

Remember that song by the rap group Clipse? Grindin’. I feel like making that song to Steinin’. 

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25 minutes ago, radarman said:

Another narrow line of storms presumably associated with the fropa dropping south now.  Let's get this garbage airmass out of here.

I am appalled by that comment. It’s not warm enough. 

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