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Hurricane Ida's Remnants


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Just now, Eskimo Joe said:

If the system was a bit slower and had a bit more negative tilt, this would've been a legit MOD risk Mid Atlantic to New England tornado outbreak. We were so close to a grand slam event.

Yes very close...I mean like I said I got mixed feelings...but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed and kinda jealous of everybody west/north/east getting a memorable event (minus the damage and casualties, that is). For some reason our part of the corridor was mostly shielded. I hope eventually we can have something to remember here again...it's been awhile. 

(Although the severe from a couple weeks ago was pretty awesome!!!)

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Feels like fall out there at 64 after tropical low 80’s.  In a way this was a “fall” front so did that help escalate things today?

Not  be be able old pops  dude but you teens and  20’s will remember this for a lifetime.  Hazel and Sandy and Isabel and half dozen others are easy  memories but Ida will stick also.

Crazy  early morning deluge, calms down, goes world class nuts in the afternoon, rips up Edgewater and Annapolis. Who knows what very localized max winds they may asses?? Plus it’s up in NJ/NY raising hell right now!  I love benchmarks and for a remnant tropical event this is easy top 5 for me. Not really all if this one  in my backyard but close enough 

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