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  1. NE MD pummeled Edit: Correction - PUMMELED
  2. Still yet more heavy rain, T&L. Rain gauge fail...weathernet estimates 4.9"
  3. Not literally in the current warning but phone went off...from warning: " At 246 PM EDT, a confirmed tornado was located over North Point State Park, near Fort Howard and the mouth of the Patapsco River, moving northeast at 35 mph.
  4. https://www.weather.gov/marfc/
  5. Raccoons (almost definitely) had an epic party last night and ransacked nearly every container/potted plant on the back porch. Digging for grubs and such I imagine. An inch+ rain fell yesterday. Most plants will survive, I think, but some are too far gone .
  6. 1.2" beneficial rain in today's storms
  7. Everyone should be at least a bit of a wimp about it. I'm a full-on wimp, myself.
  8. It's been interesting (from an aesthetic point of view anyway) being in the "notch" of the northern actvity. Dark on both sides and clear, orange skies ahead... *this means there was a MBY-split. No complaints have had almost 1.5" last3 days.
  9. that cross-Susquehanna north bay polygon (maybe not the first just first I've noticed).
  10. Nothing notable here but this has been some classic bowling alley thunder.
  11. I miss the cicadas. Edit: May as well - https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2021/07/30/cicada-nymphs-hatching-broodx/
  12. It is perfectly delightful out. Cool summer evening with all the insects chirping away A+
  13. A nice soaking rain. Opened the windows to listen to it.
  14. Pummeled. Quarter inch here.
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