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September Discussion Thread: Bring the frost; kill the bugs.


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17 hours ago, moneypitmike said:

From what I read, she builds an initial nest for a handful of eggs.  The hatched hornets do something that leads to the 'hornet's nest paper'.  As more eggs get laid hatched, the nest gets larger and larger.  Ultimately, there are about 750 hornets in the nest. 

Seems reasonable, though I still doubt that the queen carries those few eggs thru hibernation.  Probably holds sperm thru that time and develops the eggs in the spring, perhaps while she's building the starter nest..  And the hornets are basically doing what a groundwood paper mill does, on a slightly smaller scale - grinding wood down to the individual fibers then allowing it to dry as it's applied to the nest.  Biggest difference (other than scale) is that the paper mill mix is 99% water when it hits the Fourdrinier (fast-moving screen that begins the water-extraction process) while the hornet mix never has nearly as much water.

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15 minutes ago, Lava Rock said:

conveyor belt coming up? i assumed it was sliding east

It is, s-l-o-w-l-y.  At the same time the band of heavy stuff is moving north much more quickly, increasing its persistence over a particular locale.  Not a drop yet here, just cloudy, humid and breezy.  P&C forecast adds up to <1" here while the GYX map has us in the 2-3" color.  Computers.

Looking more and more like this will be my 2nd September of 24 without a frost.  The 1st, 2011, had a month minimum of 33.  Its first frost came Oct 6 and was a 25° hard freeze.  So far this month the bottom is 38.

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Out of nowhere the sun just burst forth... 

Back in now, but the satellite shows rather abrupt thinning inside this tube of shits - ...may actually salvage a late afternoon in the relative sense.

Meanwhile, if you're driving west on the Pike, you go from murk skies and probably residual road spray, to zero cloud open sky sun over the span of 1.5 miles or something.  All of western CT and western Mass are cloudless.  

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