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September Discussion Thread: Bring the frost; kill the bugs.


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06z Euro seemed more interesting for a conversion to Nor'easter out of Ida's remnants.

00z just prior wasn't so much.   In fact the 12z yesterday and the 00z last eve split Ida's guts away from the N-stream - this N-stream is a very weak jet structure with only one or two isohypses defining so it's 'calling' it an N-stream.  Nevetheless, some prior runs were phasing Ida with a trough more proficiently, where yesterday's run were 'sperm' missing the 'egg'  lol

anyway, the 06z ...hard to say if that is a more phasing back, or if Ida is just more inertial in the flow and the run is holding on more.  But it looks like it has a warm frontal protrusion toward the upper M/A and a cold front subtended beneath so that argues for more baroclinic - duh, considering where it is at 72 hours, anyway.    Either run gives a decent dose of rain but the 06z run looked like it wanted to be more fun with breezes and wind.


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It feels like we've endured more that two occasions resulting 3" of rain, with lots of .4 to .9" days scattered around in between since July around here. Yet no pond or river is really above normal flow rate. 

It's weird.  I realize June was dry ...sort of... but it seems like we are way over climo (I'll probably go check in a minute and find out we're not  lol).  It's like the geology left the drain uncorked under the land.

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