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  1. Mean while, rolling off of a low of 43F.
  2. Got down to 46 here. Cracked windows - awesome sleeping weather.
  3. With a 35% fatality rate if you contract EEE...I'll take my chances with Deet, and heavy Deet at that! Just not worth the chance, as there's nothing that can be done if you get EEE other than hope you just end up with some of the not so extreme symptoms. I have noticed that the mosquitoes have died down quite a bit as of the last week or so. Just really looking forward to that first freeze.
  4. Absolutely agree they play a role in saving lives. I was just speaking in general with regard to flying into a Cat 5 hurricane.
  5. Folks on here that have the back yard video...Anything that you can recommend or things to stay away from? TIA Have had some bears around and would love to capture them and any other wildlife.
  6. Those stadium effect pics posted by the AF recon planes are sick. I can’t imagine purposely flying into that. Getting anxiety just thinking about it - haha. Amazing what those pilots/planes can do.
  7. 55F. Refreshing. First freeze can’t get here soon enough to wack the EEE loaded squitos!
  8. Getting some decent gusts and heavy rain on the northern edge of that cell NW of Worcester, but that's about it.