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  1. Awesome sleeping weather - windows wide open.
  2. I wouldn't want to be vacationing today, but it is a refreshing break from the swamp ass conditions we've had this week.
  3. I noticed that as well
  4. I must've watched a different year when he had a passenger in the car with him. I believe this is this year's run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7tXDtTn9T4
  5. Just watched it - ridiculous! I can't imagine being the passenger in that car.
  6. We had a little rain here in Barre, but that was about it.
  7. Pretty brutal here in Barre, MA. We didn't have anything last year, but crushed this year.
  8. Yup - I usually wait to mid/late June to apply, but was more concerned if that stuff would have any negative impact on new seed/grass. Thanks!
  9. Is it ok to throw down grub-ex/bug-be-gone right after over seeding your lawn? Wasn't sure if it would impact seed germination...
  10. Still pouring sleet, but feel the flip is close...see a stray flake or two mixing in.
  11. Same here - garbage
  12. Sleet with frequent guests of wind on heavy heavy trees.
  13. Steady snow falling in Barre, MA 32.7F
  14. Snow growth starting to improve a bit. Complete whiteout. 25F
  15. Snow growth is still rather meh here in Barre, MA.