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  1. True - but would’ve been nice to enjoy this a bit longer than 6 days before getting wiped.
  2. Close to 2” new here. 28/27. It’s too bad the Grinch is Grinching early this year on Monday/Tuesday.
  3. Mod snow at the moment with some larger flakes mixing in. 28/27
  4. Ya - dumping here as well in Barre. 3.5” 27/26
  5. Snow just started here in Barre, MA. 27/21
  6. Haha - ya, coming down pretty good attm. Ground already coated. Cat paws.
  7. After a brief lull, the rain has picked up here in Barre, MA. Down to 34.5F. Hoping we can snag a bit of snow before this thing is outta here
  8. Got down to 13F, but was colder last night. Although, the hoses I have yet to disconnect and pull in for the winter will still be frozen solid. Quick flip to winter this year.