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  1. Only ended up with .21" of rain. Definitely one of the windier events we've experienced here, but fortunately no downed trees and didn't loose power. Heavy debris was the extent of the damage.
  2. 1.29” of rain last night in Barre with some thunder/lightning. Nothing crazy here either in terms of severe.
  3. Some rumbles and steady rain, but nothing too crazy in Barre atm.
  4. Nice pic - what it should look like in winter.
  5. Yup 4.75” here. This last band may get us to 5”.
  6. About the same here. 19.3F
  7. First flakes here in Barre, MA. 17/6
  8. Yup - down to 44 here. 20f drop since about noon. Some dirty piles left, but ma nature’s snow erase has basically been completed.
  9. Currently 53/48, but I did hit 65 today.