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  1. Ya, looks done here. Never had any pinging either, but ended with massive chutes at an insane rate...so thinking the sleet was probably close. Still only 21.3F here.
  2. Agreed. The market is over saturated. You need to have a really good beer or really good experience to stay afloat at this point. Thinning the fat.
  3. It sucks, but walking in the woods isn’t bad right now. No post holing and no mosquitoes
  4. What a mess out there in terms of cleanup. Shovel is useless…just scraping some grit off the top of an ice rink base. 27/25 - thought I’d see more snow here at this point but still mostly pellet city.
  5. 27/26 - pellets falling here and there, but that's about it.
  6. Same here now, mixed with pellets here and there. 31/30
  7. Holding steady at 32/31 (still rain). Looks like 1" of rain since midnight. What a glacial base this will be once it freezes up...guessing we still have 4ish on top of an initial layer of ice.
  8. Looks like about 4” of arctic sand out here. (Barre, MA)
  9. Ya - thinking the BOX low end map is the way to go back this way…and that even may be tough to reach - lol.
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