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  1. Yup - I usually wait to mid/late June to apply, but was more concerned if that stuff would have any negative impact on new seed/grass. Thanks!
  2. Is it ok to throw down grub-ex/bug-be-gone right after over seeding your lawn? Wasn't sure if it would impact seed germination...
  3. Still pouring sleet, but feel the flip is close...see a stray flake or two mixing in.
  4. Same here - garbage
  5. Sleet with frequent guests of wind on heavy heavy trees.
  6. Steady snow falling in Barre, MA 32.7F
  7. Snow growth starting to improve a bit. Complete whiteout. 25F
  8. Snow growth is still rather meh here in Barre, MA.
  9. Snowing and windage but the flakes are meager. Hope they beef up a bit. 21.4F
  10. 7.5F and still dropping. Should be close to 0F by daybreak.
  11. Re: the sled skimming. I think that's great - get after it! Would I do it now, no - maybe when I was younger. I do think that they should pay a fine if they need to be rescued for breaking the law and unnecessarily risk first responder lives, but also don't think F&G should waste time and money after the fact trying to hunt these folks down just to fine them. If they catch them on the spot, fine, they lost and should have to pay the fine. And if they can get funding via gofundme to pay the fine, good for them/who cares?! Blame the folks funding the gofundme page...
  12. Bats out in the backyard seeking out mosquitoes - lol
  13. It sucks to finally get a decent snowpack built up around here to be able to enjoy outdoor winter activities all to have it zapped away within a week in mid February.
  14. Awesome pic! Ended up with about 6.5" here in Barre. Heavy gusty right now. 25.3F
  15. 5.5" here in Barre.