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  1. Just had a 5 minute blast of small hail here in Barre, MA.
  2. 16.5F - Nice refreshing jolt to the system walking outside this morning.
  3. There were a couple of horses attacked in Petersham last year and DNA samples seemed to prove that it was from a Mountain Lion: http://www.telegram.com/news/20161129/petersham-owner-of-injured-horse-says-it-was-mountain-lion-attack
  4. We had a tree on our property get zapped at the beginning of the month. Now I know what it looks like when it happened!
  5. No - no different coloring or anything that shoots out of the top. It just looks exactly like that until it reaches max height and starts browning out/dying in the fall. I then cut the shoots at the ground level and then it comes up again each spring. I'd like to plant more of it on my property, but still can't figure out exactly what it is after scouring the internet.
  6. Does anyone happen to know what this plant is? It's like a cross between bamboo and a cornstalk. It sprouts each spring and grows to about 12-15' and then browns up each fall.
  7. Awesome sleeping weather - windows wide open.
  8. I wouldn't want to be vacationing today, but it is a refreshing break from the swamp ass conditions we've had this week.
  9. I noticed that as well
  10. I must've watched a different year when he had a passenger in the car with him. I believe this is this year's run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7tXDtTn9T4
  11. Just watched it - ridiculous! I can't imagine being the passenger in that car.
  12. We had a little rain here in Barre, but that was about it.
  13. Pretty brutal here in Barre, MA. We didn't have anything last year, but crushed this year.
  14. Yup - I usually wait to mid/late June to apply, but was more concerned if that stuff would have any negative impact on new seed/grass. Thanks!