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  1. Yup 4.75” here. This last band may get us to 5”.
  2. About the same here. 19.3F
  3. First flakes here in Barre, MA. 17/6
  4. Yup - down to 44 here. 20f drop since about noon. Some dirty piles left, but ma nature’s snow erase has basically been completed.
  5. Currently 53/48, but I did hit 65 today.
  6. Ha ha - I hope not. But hey, folks that are thinking about moving to Florida when they retire may be able to just stay put, up here. Arctic Circle the new New England...?
  7. Moths and other bugs dancing around outside flood lights while taking down outdoor Xmas lights.
  8. Unreal. For some reason I had today pegged as a warm AND rainy. Had to hit Northampton today and the downtown area was alive and kicking like a mid spring day.
  9. Probably won’t break 59f here, but if it’s going to be this warm in JAN, let it be without rain like today so you can get out and enjoy. Boarding last night at Wachusett was like spring boarding. Not to often you can say that in JAN during the day, never mind at 9:30 at night this time of the year. Embrace!