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Monday Morning 2/22 Snow Event


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3 minutes ago, jayyy said:

It matters to everybody tracking the rain/snow line. Sorry buddy. This is the wrong hobby for you if you get that angry over a radar observation. Get over it. 

If it's that important to them, then they can track it on their own though, no?

I've been at this for years, friend, so no need to feel sorry for me. The only thing I need to get over is your attitude.

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Just now, SchvoniWx said:

Nah. It's not even March yet. 

I'm a huge hater of heat though and admittedly get annoyed when temps go over 65°F. *shrug* I need to move, lol.

Agreed, heat is bad. I guess by warmth I mean "seasonable temps" which around here is now rapidly approaching 50 for a high.

Still snowing at a good clip in the 20910. Which is an anagram of 90210. Sligo Creek Hills! 

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5 minutes ago, leesburg 04 said:

I don't know dude, this thing is dumping here

It's coming down really nice here, maybe some of the best snow all winter in terms of flakes and rates, but I still doubt I get even 2".  We'll see.  

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Expansion of echoes over the last two hours was way more aggressive than I was expecting and I even brought precip in earlier than guidance on my forecast because WAA events usually do that. Looks like a combo of strong DPVA, WAA and jet forcing are doing some serious work this morning.

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