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  1. Clarksburg: started accumulating in the last 15 minutes. Dusting on grass and tree branches
  2. My bad WxUSAF! This morning when I looked at the map on my desktop I realized that I didn't read it right on my phone.
  3. The NWS snow map for our region is way off!
  4. I measured it on my snowboard and three different spots 1.5”. on grass 2.2” but I recorded it 1.5”
  5. 1.4" measured on my board. Clarksburg, MD -SN continues @ 6:00 PM
  6. moderate snow continues in Clarksburg. It would be a real surprise if we get a decent accumulation out of this light event though.
  7. I wasn't expecting it but my driveway is almost covered too.
  8. moderate snow in Clarksburg
  9. snow is accumulating in Clarksburg!! SN
  10. Clarksburg MD SN @2:30 pm steady snow.
  11. Clarksburg, MD @1:30 pm. Light to moderate snow continues. Grass is getting covered.
  12. Clarksburg, MD Steady light to moderate snow continues
  13. I also had 2.0" all snow. picture taken few minutes ago.
  14. @ 11:00 pm Light snow just started in Clarksburg, MD!!