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  1. February Discobs Thread

    Legit heavy wet snow flakes mixing in following the heavy stuff in Silver spring
  2. December Banter String

  3. December Banter String

    36/23. Perfect recipe for an overperformer...
  4. December Banter String

    I thought that was you...
  5. December Banter String

    Just brought home a 4pk of New Holland mocha mint drangons milk myself
  6. July Banter Thread

    I've got a Pliny and a Worldwide stout that are not long for this world
  7. March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs

    Hooray for bonus snow
  8. March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs

    Oh to be in college again, NWS Binghamton reported 11.6" in 4 hrs
  9. March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs

    Back to teeny flakes/grains east of Columbia. I'll take it
  10. March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs

    Just walked out in the backyard. close to 3 inches of very, very wet, crusty stuff out there. Temp dropping slightly so that's good. Going to be very wet playing with the kiddo in the snow later on.
  11. March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs

    eyeballing shy of 2 inches of snow sleet. looks like we're adding some freezing rain/rain to the mix and 32 here.
  12. March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs

    31/26 in Columbia, everything coated but the roads
  13. March 13/14 Storm Banter Thread

    Nice to be able to enjoy a storm knowing that I can just telework finally and not have to make the trek as emergency ops.
  14. March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs

    Cartopper in columbia. Tiny flakes still. 32
  15. March Banter Thread

    Until someone posts the panasonic, I'm expecting a rainstorm