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  1. I just need somebody to know the massive amount of willpower it has taken me the past few days NOT to tweet this from the big account...
  2. More than I ever wanted to, that's for sure
  3. Congratulations on googling "can satellites see through clouds" However, active sensors like sentinel and radarsat use active radar that doesn't interact with water vapor and can see through to the earth's surface at a very high resolution (1M - 100M) which is why they can used to chart polar sea ice, land use, etc. edit: Dick
  4. What if I were to tell you, that, in 2019, we actually have sensors that can actually see THROUGH the clouds. That would be something right?
  5. I've got a couple versions of Bourbon county stout I've been hanging on to for a bit, might decrease the stock by 1 today.
  6. Lynchburg-ish 700's the one to worry about, looks to be north of Charlottesville.
  7. Windows have matched the paint for about 20 min now. vis <<1/4 mile and just ripping. Last of the grass shoots have disappeared.
  8. There's normally a row of townhomes back there, <1/4 mile away.
  9. Flakes started about 645 here. Quickly dropped to less than 3/4 mi vis and have a nice coating on the grass already. Little lighter now but still coming down pretty good. - Hanover, MD
  10. Back home in Hanover and we're at MDT + roads just starting to cave and a solid coating on the ground. Interstates looked like parking lots from the over/underpasses.
  11. Don't get excited. It's not sticking yet, just white rain
  12. Pouring snow in Columbia now, dropped from 38 to 35
  13. Radar says it's snowing, window says no. Saw some small flakes earlier in Ellicott city taking kiddo #1 to the dentist