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  1. This is absolutely incorrect for Clarksburg area. We had over 3" of Snow + .5" of sleet. lol
  2. Clarksburg, 11:25am currently Heavy FRZ/Sleet/Snow so far, 3.5" Snow/Sleet
  3. Clarksburg, at 10:25 flipped back to Moderate Sleet / Snow.
  4. Clarksburg, 9:55am Moderate Sleet with few flakes mixed
  5. A steady heavy band is heading to your direction . the rates are getting heavier although the radar is not showing it well. This is an overperformer for sure.
  6. Clarksburg, 9:25AM SN+ 2" so far. incredible rates...
  7. Clarksburg, SN+ at 9:00am at least 1"/hr and it is getting heavier by minutes. Fantastic overperformer!
  8. Clarksburg, 8:45am SN+ 1.3"
  9. Wrong date on my posted video. "Corrected date" is posted on the video.
  10. Clarksburg, 8:00am Heavy Snow main roads partially covered!! perhaps it overperforms this time!
  11. Clarksburg, 7:50am Moderate to Heavy Snow, driveway and sidewalks covered.
  12. Clarksburg, 7:35AM Moderate Snow
  13. Clarksburg Dec - 5.2" 1/31-2/2 - 9.1" 2/7 - 4.7" 2/11 - 4.0" 2/18 - 3.5" (2.5" Sleet + 1" Snow) Total to Date: 26.5"
  14. I was hoping to get at least few inches of snow before changing to sleet. may be in the next few hours. oh well...
  15. I have no idea what is falling from sky!!! Clarksburg is falling apart. just brutal.... I don't know how else to describe this mess. Heavy something....
  16. Clarksburg, turned right back to SN+ hopefully it stays all snow!
  17. but It is more sleet than snow(80/20) now! I shouldn't have shown my excitement too soon!
  18. Clarksburg, at 8:05am SN+ finally.
  19. my radar is lying lol I can confirm that it is heavy sleet with few flakes. IT IS NOT SNOW!
  20. My temp is 25 in Clarksburg! heavier the precip got, it changed to rain from Sleet!!! how is that possible?
  21. Clarksburg, 6:13am switched to Snow/Sleet. I can confirm big flakes mixed in with sleet
  22. Clarksburg - Switched from heavy rain to heavy sleet now 6:07am
  23. I am not making this up, it looks like heavy rain and mixed with sleet!! the ground is covered but i am not sure if it is all sleet though!
  24. It is mostly rain further up!!!! Crazy stuff!!
  25. Clarksburg, at 5:45AM mix HEAVY sleet/rain and few flakes!
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