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  1. Clarksburg: started accumulating in the last 15 minutes. Dusting on grass and tree branches
  2. My bad WxUSAF! This morning when I looked at the map on my desktop I realized that I didn't read it right on my phone.
  3. The NWS snow map for our region is way off!
  4. I measured it on my snowboard and three different spots 1.5”. on grass 2.2” but I recorded it 1.5”
  5. 1.4" measured on my board. Clarksburg, MD -SN continues @ 6:00 PM
  6. moderate snow continues in Clarksburg. It would be a real surprise if we get a decent accumulation out of this light event though.
  7. I wasn't expecting it but my driveway is almost covered too.
  8. moderate snow in Clarksburg
  9. snow is accumulating in Clarksburg!! SN
  10. Clarksburg MD SN @2:30 pm steady snow.
  11. Clarksburg, MD @1:30 pm. Light to moderate snow continues. Grass is getting covered.
  12. Clarksburg, MD Steady light to moderate snow continues
  13. I also had 2.0" all snow. picture taken few minutes ago.
  14. @ 11:00 pm Light snow just started in Clarksburg, MD!!
  15. Clarksburg, MD total snow and 35 minutes of sleet: 5.6" From 10:00 am to 12:00 noon Clarksburg rocked. see the video below:
  16. Clarksburg, MD +SNOW No sleet here. we have well passed 5" already. I will post the actual actual measurement later.
  17. Clarksburg, MD @ 9:20 AM 12Feb 2019 roads around the neighborhood are still very icy.
  18. I am not sure where exactly the spotter above is located, my area's altitude is over 645' and almost always do get higher amount of precip compared to the surrounding areas in Clarksburg no matter what type! I do not have my official ID as an spotter but I follow the SKYWARN measurement guidelines though. As you put it accurately we tend to have a nice little microclimate going for us in northeast of the county.
  19. Clarksburg, MD Total Snow: 1.4" @ 6:30 AM rain Temp: 30
  20. 1 Feb 2019 Clipper Clarksburg, MD, Lat/Lon 39.22, -77.25 at 5:29 pm Snowfall: 2.6"
  21. We have had moderate and accumulating snow since 3:50 pm.
  22. Clarksburg, MD SN @ 4:00 pm 2.3”