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  1. Clarksburg, MD Sleet/SN Temp: 24F as of 6:30PM 4.2"
  2. visibility in Clarksburg is very low.....If the snow continues with these rates, we could easily approach 6" before changeover....
  3. Clarksburg, MD SN+ Temp: 20F visibility has dropped significantly.
  4. Clarksburg, MD, @2:15PM SN all surfaces covered already!
  5. Clarksburg, MD as of 5:45AM Jan 7 new snow measured 5"
  6. We are near Pick at Clarksburg - Upper Montgomery Co. (Black Hill)
  7. A little color is showing in our area in Black Hill park..... Pic#1
  8. This is absolutely incorrect for Clarksburg area. We had over 3" of Snow + .5" of sleet. lol
  9. Clarksburg, 11:25am currently Heavy FRZ/Sleet/Snow so far, 3.5" Snow/Sleet
  10. Clarksburg, at 10:25 flipped back to Moderate Sleet / Snow.
  11. Clarksburg, 9:55am Moderate Sleet with few flakes mixed
  12. A steady heavy band is heading to your direction . the rates are getting heavier although the radar is not showing it well. This is an overperformer for sure.
  13. Clarksburg, 9:25AM SN+ 2" so far. incredible rates...
  14. Clarksburg, SN+ at 9:00am at least 1"/hr and it is getting heavier by minutes. Fantastic overperformer!
  15. Wrong date on my posted video. "Corrected date" is posted on the video.
  16. Clarksburg, 8:00am Heavy Snow main roads partially covered!! perhaps it overperforms this time!
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