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  1. We finally get a good patten and the southern stream disappears like republican leads Didn't have to wait until 3am this time.. lie, cheat, repeat.
  2. Wait.. so we're not all going to die in 10 yrs from cow emissions?? Count me in
  3. We're barely into our best snow month and yet we're still relying on the long range modeling which has been terrible all winter. Something has to change and I believe it will. 6 pack of IPA's for everyone if we don't have a 6" storm in central md by 3/7. It is going to happen. Just remember you all WANT snow but many people NEED snow. In years like this those that need it will reevaluate their business plans but much of the time it's too late as they've already invested too much capital. That's when it becomes what I call snowgambling... the companies like myself who budget and account for snow as a bonus get by but trust me it still hurts.. just paying my snow and ice insurance would put most of our kids through a semester at yale. Nevermind the amount of chemical..
  4. You'd like to think a blind squirrel will find a nut. I mean eventually these models will verify, even if by default
  5. From day to day this best way to describe the emotions on this site are like a soap opera. Each episode (model run) the main character dies and everyone mourns, then the next day the main character is back! It's quite comical to watch the emotional roller coaster lol.. serious question, whatever happened to forecasting?? Not just relying on CAD? Again, idk so it's a serious question not a smartass remark or snide towards anyone. It just seems like the only thing models nail are slam dunks that could be predicted based on the layout without cad. Thanks
  6. About how I feel reading people argue over COMPUTER ANIMATED weather 20 days out.. I never share or post because idk anything about meteorology but I saw a topic I KNOW.. sorry for ruining your dusting event following. Enjoy
  7. It definitely does!! Now, some of my subs with older trucks that haven't been properly "de-salted"... trashed!!
  8. I try to off load all trucks after 5 years of service for many reasons but I will say 12 cans of under coat, wd 40 and a pressure washer go along way. My guys hate me after working countless straight hours and then pressure washing and oiling plows speaders etc but there is no money in snow removal if your constantly repairing stuff. I don't plow for the county or state, my snow and ice management services are scattered through Howard and carroll county, all private businesses and hoa's.
  9. Sorry but I have to laugh, people complaining about salt on their cars but they love snow?? Just seems like they go hand and hand.. if you pressure wash your car, frame, engine etc. you're good to go. Not that big of deal, if you're upset because you feel your local govt is wasting money thank insurance companies.
  10. Not even trying to sell it.. don't even want to use it, but I'm not going to turn down a state required dollar bill either
  11. It's really a waste of money 80% of the time. If the rates are good at the onset roads cave fast and in my opinion the snow then acts like an insulator and flash freezes underneath causing more of an issue. It's a gimmick
  12. It's big time in Maine, I do know that. Our sales rep is there.
  13. Because i argue.. 10-6 lol