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Monday Morning 2/22 Snow Event


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23 minutes ago, mattie g said:

If it's that important to them, then they can track it on their own though, no?

I've been at this for years, friend, so no need to feel sorry for me. The only thing I need to get over is your attitude.

What exactly is the point of a storm discussion and observation thread then? We can all look at the radar or weather station OBS and figure out it’s snowing hard or the temperature at any given location if we wanted to, no? Pretty sure I can look at a radar and see that CLskins is getting dumped on right now - yet I still appreciate reading his OBS in here to confirm what’s potentially coming my way from N VA.

All I know is that based on the posts I’ve read over the past weeks, we clearly REALLY need a region-wide 6”+ type storm to go down before winter closes out. The animosity over lack of snow is real and kind of toxic. 

anyway — current OBS

30 degrees -  SN++

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