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  1. Any of the Westminster peeps going to be out to tomorrow for the Celtic Canter run and/or Pub crawl? Hoping it flips to snow before the 9am start, rather run in snow then COLD rain.
  2. Running the Celtic Canter 5k and bar crawl afterwards in Westminster tomorrow in the snow will be GREAT!
  3. Agreed, I am fine with that at this point.
  4. Just went out for coffee. Jamestown rd was just plowed and ocean highway is passable. Going to hang out at the beach as soon as wife gets ready.
  5. I was so close to going with the Dundalk Calling Double IPA but wanted something different
  6. Tried a Duclaw with the snow. Surprisingly tasty.
  7. Ocean city MD 32/27, moderate snow, winds 20+, estimate about 2-3” so far.
  8. I did not actually bring skis but enough clothes and goggles to deal with wind and snow.
  9. Yes I know the area. I have all my ski apparel and will be on the beach tomorrow am. Should be fun.
  10. I am on 94th now at friends but my place is at the end of Jamestown rd.
  11. Pouring snow now in OC. I just parked the truck about 30 min ago.
  12. I plan on leaving for OC around 4 or 5pm today.
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