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  1. Wait...it’s going to melt?
  2. Sleet rain now in Westminster....
  3. I hear the sleet but huge flakes too
  4. Little over 3 so far in Westminster and heavy snow.
  5. 10 minutes later moderate snow and road is covered.
  6. First flakes in Westminster
  7. Fingers crossed for a light coating on my ice pack. Low of 18 today, currently 32 and sunny. Feels great outside.
  8. That is primary parts of Manchester and Linesboro. RT 27, 30, and 86 north of Westminster I think.
  9. Light to moderate snow in Westminster. Nice new dusting on all surfaces
  10. NWS calling for the frzdz over central Maryland to turn to snow soon. https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?format=CI&glossary=1&highlight=off&issuedby=LWX&product=AFD&site=NWS&version=1
  11. Icy mist up in Westminster. Cleared driveway and cars around 1pm and now a glaze on all surfaces and a mist coming down.
  12. Freezing rain and sleet now in Westminster 23F. Ready for the glaze on my snow.
  13. Light sleet and snow in Westminster again. 23f