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  1. I have a place in North OC Bayside but a trip to see ponies in the snow would be cool!
  2. Might take a road trip to place in OC if this map is correct.
  3. Did not get much sleet at all in Westminster. 30 and light freezing rain. Looks like 3 or 4 inches
  4. It will pick up quick, mu deck already has light coat down in Westminster
  5. Went from a few flakes to light snow in minutes…
  6. Spot on. Car was reading 11 degrees on the way home from Paridiso's.
  7. We have been running about 4-5 degrees colder than forecasted. Currently 18/3 in Westminster.
  8. Westminster 19/0. Hard to believe I may only get an inch of snow but the guidance so far is hard to ignore. Definitely going to be monitoring the Meso’s and compare to the previous model runs.
  9. I am sure someone will correct me and looking forward to it but shouldn't we be looking at the NAM at short range and comparing to the GFS at the same time frame to determine trends? I understand that at long range the NAM is not accurate, but I thought it was more accurate at short range.
  10. Yes seems like the same evolution
  11. GFS farther north and east HR 78 High slightly south and east
  12. Same observation at HR72 High farther south as well though more east.
  13. GFS farther south and east at HR66
  14. Then....Low seems farther east and a smidge south compared to GFS 06Z HR48 vs HR54
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