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  1. not sure what jan 6th has to do with anything. that was a bunch of boomers and qanon losers radicalized by an orange demagogue.
  2. you should organize and protest, then. start that anti-mask revolution. most of you only complain on the internet, but meekly comply and do nothing. there have been far more protests in europe than here. i remember last year, people predicted that there would be a rebellion if applebees was closed for another two weeks. americans would rise up and fight for their freedom to get a haircut! never happened. won't happen now either. put that mask back on.
  3. Home Depot just announced that they're requiring masks for customers. put your mask on, snowflake. also interesting that you'd rather enrich a mega-corp instead of a small biz, all because of a mask.
  4. B-b-b-but he has the Google Machine! Thanks to google, laymen are now experts at everything. Now we just treat doctors as middlemen that we rely on to write us prescriptions.
  5. Maybe we should be asking you this question. You post non-stop 24/7 on this board. I'm concerned you have no life. Living off the grid in Randolph, NH can't be good for anyone's mental health. It wouldn't' surprise us if this was you in a few years: https://apnews.com/article/River-Dave-New-Hampshire-Dave-Lidstone-e0ef2fb3349a23ceebaa9e244b97eb5a
  6. About 70% of people support vax mandates, including about 50% of republicans (to my surprise). that's probably why you saw republican politicians criticizing anti-vaxxers last week, and employers starting to mandate them recently. https://thehill.com/hilltv/what-americas-thinking/565641-poll-68-percent-support-vaccine-mandate
  7. I don't wear a mask these days. but that reminds me, i should get a set of KN95s for the winter!
  8. I still find it hilarious how people thought masks were never coming back. It was always the easiest thing to bring back. i thought they'd come back in the fall, but this was even quicker than i expected. the cdc guidance from may 13th will go down in infamy as one of the worst messaging blunders in history. it'll be taught in schools decades from now as a case study in what you shouldn't do. most non-influenza pandemics last 3-5 years...it'll be best for everyone's collective psyche to accept that reality. maybe invest your Dogecoin in some innovative mask companies.
  9. LOL....60% of this country is overweight and they've been asked to lose weight for as long as I can remember. Not gonna happen. Goobermint can't tell them what to do.
  10. Those papers are already outdated though. I'm talking about recent data from Israel showing that people who were vaxxed in January only have 16% efficacy against symptomatic Covid. If they were vaxxed in February, it was 47%; if it was in March, it was 67%, etc. You get the picture - it clearly shows waning immunity after a certain period of time. The good news is that protection against serious disease doesn't wane as rapidly; it is still about 80% for those vaxxed in January, but even that is a drop from 98% or whatever it was. I do think waning immunity in the elderly (since they got the shots first) will be an issue going into the fall and winter. the CDC has been very sketchy lately. Apart from their ridiculous new mask guidance from back in May (which I can write a novel about as to why that made no sense), they stopped tracking breakthrough infections, so we have to rely on data from Israel, Singapore, Iceland, UK, etc to understand how variants and time affect efficacy. They also didn't declare delta a variant of concern until a full month after the rest of the world did. Very odd. That's why I think some chamber of commerce lobbying money was involved.
  11. I never compared the two; I said natural immunity is clearly not lifelong. Not even close. But that is what some people seem to claim. Vaccine immunity is clearly not lifelong either. It appears to start waning after 6 months. I suggest interviewing the residents of Manuas, Brazil or New Delhi, India. Millions of them were re-infected by the gamma and delta variant, respectively. That "T-cell memory" thing didn't do squat for them. It certainly shocked the medical community.
  12. Daytona is definitely redneck central. It's what happens if you moved West Virginia to the beach.
  13. Honestly not sure why some are holding onto this idea that we can have lifelong 'natural immunity' to covid, like we get from chicken pox or measles. so many people have been re-infected that it's clear this isn't the case.
  14. Many people have left the workforce due to chronic covid issues. It disproportionately affects women between the ages of 20 - 50, and in nearly all cases their acute covid illness was very mild, but chronic lingering symptoms afterward were much worse. The business elites are actually more terrified of this because it could impact the labor force for years. The medical community will probably gaslight these people, telling them it's "psychosomatic", just like they do for conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, or chronic lyme. meanwhile, many of them will go on disability, even though they count as a "recovered" case in our casedemic.
  15. LOL @ the anti-maskers on this forum. Looking forward to mask field reports again. It was pretty obvious masks would come back; that's because the CDC new guidance from May made no sense. we should find out what drove the CDC to go from one extreme (recommending masks outdoors, even for vaccinated) to the other opposite extreme (no masks needed anywhere) - all within the span of two weeks. no doubt some chamber of commerce lobbying money was involved.
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