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  1. at least when you're driving a car, you're using energy to go from point A to point B. you're actually using energy to do something. with crypto, you're burning endless amounts of energy to generate a new hash function in your blockchain? it's stupid. hopefully crypto spectacularly collapses and puts an end to the nonsense.
  2. crypto is terrible for the environment. it's best to stay away from it for that reason alone.
  3. i hear wearing a mask outdoors helps with allergies. it might trigger some people, though.
  4. i wish shirts and shoes were optional inside stores, and i could carry an open bottle of beer outside on my neighborhood sidewalk. why do people blindfully comply with these silly regulations?
  5. I guess he's a hermit and an internet troll. i didn't know that combination was possible!
  6. dude it says you live in randolph, NH? looks like a place only recluses or hermits would live. LOL yes, the 80% of us who prefer flexible work schedules are definitely recluses. stay cool, boomer.
  7. suicides have been steadily increasing (with a slight dip in 2019) for the past twenty years, and i fully expect them to go back up to the pre-pandemic baseline. however, since they were already increasing for 20 years prior to covid, there isn't a way to show cause-and-effect if we see them begin increasing again.
  8. here's another study from a medical journal, with "hardcore statistics", showing that suicides went down in the UK. their analysis extended through october 2020. enjoy. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanepe/article/PIIS2666-7762(21)00087-9/fulltext
  9. as i predicted, people would come out with their personal anecdotes to affirm their debunked narrative.
  10. the narrative was created by some of your fellow posters in this thread and others. ask them. this is what they predicted. they said people would be jumping off buildings because dine-in wasn't available at denny's. i always thought that was laughable but now the data backs me up.
  11. interesting, suicides actually decreased across most countries during the lockdowns last spring. united states dropped about 10%. https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/2021/04/24/surprisingly-suicide-has-become-rarer-during-the-pandemic
  12. well, look at this. suicides decreased across most countries during the heart of the lockdowns last spring. united states saw about a 10% decrease. one of the largest drops in 20 years in fact. https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/2021/04/24/surprisingly-suicide-has-become-rarer-during-the-pandemic i fully expect a rash of "wait 6 more months" or some other anecdotal stories to counter-refute this, but suffice to say -- another narrative has been busted.
  13. having a policy and enforcing a policy are two different things. i've never seen anyone enforce a mask mandate, whether it be a state employee or a store employee. doesn't matter. as long as big businesses continue to have those policies on the books, a majority of people will wear masks. their mask policies are a business decision anyway. they saw that fewer people were coming into their stores because they didn't want to be with the anti-maskers, so they enacted these policies last spring and summer.
  14. you do realize that virtually all the big box retailers, restaurant chains, airlines, etc. have their own mask policy that has nothing to do with state mandates? wal-mart and costco required masks for shoppers way before most states mandated it. even as states remove those mandates, most large businesses will continue requiring them for the remainder of 2021 and perhaps well into 2022.
  15. it's definitely much easier to find a vaccine now. a couple of months ago, landing an appointment was like striking oil; not anymore.