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  1. Mix line really fighting hard here. Went from all snow to almost all sleet now snow mixing back in.
  2. Starting to hear pingers mixed with snow now
  3. Absolutely pouring snow in Baltimore city right now.
  4. New wwa advisory has me “up to 1” but I think this is easily gonna put down 1-3”
  5. Moderate to perhaps heavy snow in Baltimore city. A beautiful morning.
  6. Some of the heaviest rates I’ve seen all season in Baltimore
  7. Definitely surprised this morning
  8. Huge snowflakes out of nowhere
  9. Graupel type snow instantly sticking to everything
  10. Heaviest sleet I’ve ever seen or heard
  11. Huge snowflakes out of nowhere coming down now mixed with hail like sleet
  12. Occasionally snowflakes mixing in now!
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