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Just now, North Balti Zen said:

It’s probably gonna snow. It’s cold. One tiny area of our particular atmosphere is a hair warm. The rates should erode that and we snow. Gonna be frustrating until it does. 

Going the wrong way. Sleet  ow to FRZ rain is aver bad sign.

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Holy Cow, I just came back from a short break and thought it's awfully foggy outside for being so dry.  Should've known better, right?  Flipped on the lights and oh my!  In 10 minutes we've gone from a dusting to probably 1/2" or more fluffy stuff.  Nice rates now.  No silver dollar fatties, just nice dimes and a LOT of 'em.  Hope it stays all SN here.

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6 minutes ago, SnowenOutThere said:

I feel your pain this is going to rip the sub thread in half between the people who it is dumping and for people who got nothing. 

Seems like if this fails, it's going to be a pretty universal fail, with sleet already reported from Bel Air to Frederick, so likely falls short of a true forum divider. 

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