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  1. Yeah this round was quite the drencher in Jessup
  2. Marginal over the area again today
  3. Those models still getting atleast some activity into Balt/DC??
  4. What are they waiting for extending the FFW east?
  5. Some major enhancement occuring
  6. Atleast your honest. Columbia has been missed by both these death bands so I feel ya lol
  7. Latest HRRR
  8. I hope HoCo can get in on this early Death Band
  9. That is quite the cell east of town
  10. That would be quite lame. Anything under 4" with 35+mph winds is a big giant L in my book with this one...
  11. was the nam aggresive?
  12. They yanked the slight risk completely lol
  13. LWX AFD Uncertainty increases significantly by afternoon with regards to timing, coverage, and intensity of thunderstorms. CAPE/Shear parameters become conditionally supportive of at least marginally severe updrafts and modest storm organization...with MLCAPE ~1500 J/KG and EBS 25-35 knots. Storms may form along differential heating boundaries, remnant outflow boundaries, and with terrain circulations or storms may develop west of the area as an MCS and move across parts of the area. Primary severe threat remains scattered strong winds with isolated pockets of damaging wind in multicell clusters. Large hail may also accompany the strongest and most persistent updrafts.
  14. Good call. Some stuff going up over jackpotville