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  1. storms either way, will get uglier with sun
  2. wow - thats impressive in the middle of June let alone Halloween!
  3. So I am returning from my post severe season weather hiatus and I am too lazy to read back a couple of weeks. Where do we stand on first quarter of winter at this stage? Most feeling bullish or bearish?
  4. It was big time. Shook the crap out of my townhouse in Fulton.
  5. Radar estimating 8" of rain over areas of the city...
  6. Quite the impressive hail core over Glen Burnie.
  7. Captured by my friend and chaser Joey Krastel last night in Kingsville. Puts my clip to shame lol received_388632742001953.mp4
  8. yep - general 1-2" with isolated 3" west of the fall line if the HRRR is right
  9. Thanks! These storms are quite photogenic!
  10. Looking NNE towards the storm from SE HoCo I was able to capture this which was one of many insanely beautiful lightning displays - check it out
  11. could it be how big the rain drops are?
  12. HRRR pretty consistent with this large cell pushing through the middle of the state