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  1. Nothing worse then being close enough to be cooled down and destabilized but get nothing more then a few distant rumbles lol
  2. Nice looking storms rolling in!
  3. Gotcha, and that makes sense, I have noticed the over modeling of liquid this season also - well see how it plays out tho!
  4. Thanks, and damn just saw some of these progs for next week - so we have the GFS and Euro showing stupid amounts of rain, huh?
  5. After this line pushes east, no more rain for the day? Wanna put the skis in the water for tomorrow
  6. What seemed to be a positive strike here about 20 mins ago in Fulton, incredibly deep and groundshaking thunder. Truly awesome
  7. Imo, the non tstorm winds might be the big story today.
  8. I'm shivering w fear and I'm 1000+miles away
  9. Oh wow, I went to bed RIGHT after the initial one and never looked again. Thanks!
  10. So no slight and no HWW? This sure has lamed out... We always find away for things to not be exciting.
  11. Took a huge chunk of the slight risk area away - must not be seeing things like we are...