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  1. I need a filter all but Ellinwood function on this board
  2. This mod/heavy rain along 95 is not moving much, it's wet out here...
  3. That wind was relentless in Jessup. Pretty confident atleast one of the gusts surpassed severe... unexpected up this way north of DC with all the talk today not bringing anything this far N
  4. Anvil lightning is stretching pretty far
  5. Timing of this potential round 2??
  6. Is anyone else just absolutely being wrecked by seasonal allergies these last two days? By far the worst for me yet this season, which is wierd considering the rain...
  7. lol this thing is crAwling around the city
  8. Looked to be heading right for Hoco but its taking a hard turn atm
  9. what does timing look like for the potential of that happening?
  10. SPC too kinda
  11. Wow winds are crushing behind this thing... opened the office door and all of the celing tiles blew up and out of place
  12. kind of odd to yank the slight and then drop a blue box, eh?
  13. Woo storms storms are my fav
  14. Nice lil morning boomer in Columbia
  15. Not really, I would expect just moodflakes outside of the usual lucky areas. HRRR has been trending less impressive