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  1. December 8/9th Storm - STORM MODE THREAD

    you are already out... what ya doing back?
  2. Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    Asking for family in PuntaGorda/Charlotte Harbor are of Ft Myers... I'm getting worried about surge for them. They are on canals. Anyone have any estimates on surge heights in that area that I can pass on to get them prepared. Sorry for the sort of frowned upon IMBY post but I thought here would be my best chance for solid info
  3. Major Hurricane Irma

    Def west
  4. Harvey - Main Thread

    Yes, I posted a video that is hard to argue from the same spot
  5. Harvey - Main Thread

  6. Harvey - Main Thread

    Brett Adair picked up Mike... stream here https://livestormchasing.com/map
  7. Harvey - Main Thread

    No question. Leave immediately
  8. 2017 Severe Thread

    Some of the most intense CGs I've seen in a while. Been a while since I went running for the door so many times lol
  9. August OBS/DISCO

    Yeah this round was quite the drencher in Jessup
  10. August OBS/DISCO

    Marginal over the area again today
  11. August OBS/DISCO

    Those models still getting atleast some activity into Balt/DC??
  12. End of July Super Soaker

    What are they waiting for extending the FFW east?
  13. End of July Super Soaker

    Some major enhancement occuring
  14. End of July Super Soaker

    Atleast your honest. Columbia has been missed by both these death bands so I feel ya lol
  15. End of July Super Soaker

    Latest HRRR