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  1. Not that it matters much with how this winter has gone so far but Pivotal added detailed UKMET maps (500mb, QPF, snowfall ect)
  2. So just because there is no rush hour, the people that still have to work and be out tomorrow morning shouldn't be advised that travel will certainly become treacherous? When it snows tomorrow morning it will not be slush - it will stick and freeze to the roads
  3. You made a great call on the last system! Excited to keep an eye on your interpretation of the models this week. Room for further improvement too? What would it take to keep the temps trending colder and also juice up that thump at the same time?
  4. Thought models were showing a pretty sharp cutoff as we closed in - not sure how much of a bust that this is for those areas if you had realistic expectations
  5. what happened to dat guy? 44 here in Jessup
  6. I feel left out - I wanna be in the HoCo gang I think we can squeeze out a 2" slanter
  7. Almost doubled here in HoCo! Ill take it and run!
  8. My slant stick is looking extra slanty if you need a second slanted opinion
  9. storms either way, will get uglier with sun
  10. wow - thats impressive in the middle of June let alone Halloween!
  11. So I am returning from my post severe season weather hiatus and I am too lazy to read back a couple of weeks. Where do we stand on first quarter of winter at this stage? Most feeling bullish or bearish?