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  1. Yeah looking pretty bow'y, any reports from that guy?
  3. Not that we need it as badly anymore, but sucks to see the rain miss south yesterday and north today lol
  4. my phone just went wild - i think you got your FFW nvm, AA and SE Hoco and Balt
  5. 1.5" already here just SE of Columbia
  6. Although true, I would not rule out some incredibly large amounts of rain falling pretty quickly in localized spots with this set up.
  7. Dang enjoy! Ill do my best to hold HoCo down, should be semi exciting but not expecting anything too wild.
  8. Nothing worse then being close enough to be cooled down and destabilized but get nothing more then a few distant rumbles lol
  9. Nice looking storms rolling in!
  10. Gotcha, and that makes sense, I have noticed the over modeling of liquid this season also - well see how it plays out tho!
  11. Thanks, and damn just saw some of these progs for next week - so we have the GFS and Euro showing stupid amounts of rain, huh?
  12. After this line pushes east, no more rain for the day? Wanna put the skis in the water for tomorrow