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February 14-16 Winter Storm Part 2


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4 inches here in IND and some pretty significant blowing and drifting, for the fairly dense/urban part I'm in. An hour to clear the sidewalk and driveway, and had near an inch covering where I started by the time I finished. Some nice weenie bands forming now down by EVV which should be fun later.

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Quick report from the stix, it's been getting real the last 2 hours.  The wind is a lot stronger than forecast, seeing 20KT sustained gusts to 30KT out here. The onset was a couple hours early with that little 700mb perturbation spinning up.  Snow wasn;t that heavy when that initial band started moving through around 2 but the wind really started the blow fest and keeping flake size in check.   Rates really picked up around 3:30.  Visibilities got down to 1/4 mile to nearly 0  at times.  I'm guessing another 2 to 3 since 3pm, impossible to measure out here.   There's plenty of 3 foot drifts to choose from lol.  It was starting to get pretty bad in town about an hour ago, even some decent drifting starting there.  Highways are covered slick and shaky, the secondary roads are between being fun and scary.  If we can avoid any surprise dry slots (theyre always lurking lol) the brunts do to start here through the next 3-5 hours we could approach 10, maybe even a foot.  It's still ripping out there and again, that damn wind.  Heading back out one more time, don't think it'll be safe in an hour or two.  Quick pic from around an hour ago or so.  I'm in weenie wonderland lmao :weenie:


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3 hours ago, snowstormcanuck said:

I'll take the under...it'll be close though.

I would think 30 cm is more likely on ground by Friday, especially factoring in sublimation and compaction between events. 60 cm would be heavenly but I would be surprised.

My guess is 20 cm of snow from today's event, 10 cm on Friday. Maybe I'm pessimistic, but we've been screwed by overblown Kuchera rates before (even if we're in prime dendrite growth zone thermally, seen far too many rod events when I was hoping for dendrites). And the Thursday night system looks like a classic coastal capture - we'll see how far west the snow shield penetrates, but again wouldn't be surprised to see less-than-ideal snow ratios, especially with such dry air on the doorstep to eat away at that moisture.

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