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  1. Stick a fork in this thread. Bring on the Spring Banter
  2. Feb. 19-24 Heavy rain and flooding threat

    Yep, that was one of the worst black ice events I have witnessed. Even though we've been a bit spared on the rain so far it's not going to take much this weekend to get some major flooding in central In. from the looks of the rivers and creeks today, especially as the overflow from the north works it's way down here by then. I brought up the road beds because I was talking to a friend from college whose now a civil engineer for a company that lays highways and interstates. He said some of the base layers of roads can be as much as 3 feet deep. With the bitter cold we experienced last month I would think it would take a little more than a week or so of above freezing days along with one crazy warm day to really warm the layers that deep. Temps will conduct much quicker through layers of concrete, gravel etc than through the ground due to the density I would imagine. Just a thought as to how roads can freeze much faster than the surrounding ground during a brief warmup and surprise a lot of folks.
  3. Feb. 19-24 Heavy rain and flooding threat

    We've been spared the extremely heavy precip so far. As with the storm tracks most of the winter they've been splitting just to our north and just to our south. I tried to get an unscientific ground temp measurement. Their is a freezing level and some pretty hard ground around 4-6 inches deep (below my beloved mud). Don't know how accurate it is but does raise some concerns with any freezing precip tonight. Don't think it will take much to get hard surfaces down to freezing, especially roadways where the road beds are significantly deeper, if temps get down to 30 or a little below. I haven't seen any salt trucks and KIND just issued a WWA (2017/18 the WWA winter lol). Hope it doesn't turn out like the event in January when they didn't treat the roads and all heck broke loose with the sleet and black ice!
  4. February 8th-11th Overrunning Event

    IWX addresses the cutoff nicely... " Overnight miss along srn flank of baroclinic zone south of highway 6 a good proxy for inherent forecast issues relegated to potential winter storm beginning Thu night. While vast bulk of 00Z/12Z guidance cycles similar with centroid of significant qpf stripe invof tight low level baroclinic zone Thu night-Fri night, proximity of dry air within expanding warm sector problematic. Thus extreme north-south snow gradient expected with inherent bust potential high along srn flank across nrn IN into nw OH. In fact zone of intense isentropic lift only 4 counties deep so any additional fluctuation in progged baroclinic zone placement will have obvious huge ramifications on realized snow amounts. Whatever the case do expect a band of intense snowfall will materialize invof the IN/MI stateline or just south where longest duration of most intense lift/moisture combine with multi-model support for 12"+ and rapid fall off to nothing south toward the highway 24 corridor. Lack of given trend/direction warrants holding pat with prior watch issuance with plenty of time yet to jump should a definite trend develop in later model solutions."
  5. February 8th-11th Overrunning Event

    That would be and usually is mwah
  6. Yep, and around here the models are splitting everything until Sun with us in the middle.
  7. Early February Hyperactivity

    Finally kicked in about 45 min ago. That dry air was stubborn as hell. Burned us Sat too. Super shiny reflective crystals, glad I'm not 20 at a Dead show, I'd be freaking out lol!
  8. Early February Hyperactivity

    Not a flake. LL dry air is entrenched taking its sweet time to saturate.
  9. Early February Hyperactivity

    Still waiting here. That thin fgen band that came just north of me got absolutely chewed up by dry air. Hopefully this thing will still have a little umph as the main wave moves through.
  10. Early February Hyperactivity

    The dry air around here is gonna eat snow crystals like Pac-Man dots
  11. Early February Hyperactivity

    Just after I posted that had to go to the store and it really started snowing for about 30 min but the roads were fine, no liquid. Been some really dry LL air around here since yesterday. Sounds like it definitely got messy to the east!
  12. Early February Hyperactivity

    Roads are dry as a bone around here with temps down to 25. The dry air in Central IN is eating up anything associated with the front. Radar returns have pretty much split to the north and south of us along the front.
  13. Early February Hyperactivity

    Hopefully. This pattern is a tough call with these weak SW's rippling through. I feel for the mets. I'll take 1-3 at a time if it stays around and piles up
  14. Early February Hyperactivity

    18Z GFS coming in drier also.