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  1. Extended has been and is still looking parched....
  2. That's because This Old House has only been on air for 41 years. Norm (screw Vila, freakin Home Depot sellout) tried but couldn't rebuild the entire NE US. Learn how to build houses in Yankeeville like they do in the south instead of screwing up the hot dog and blindly following a never gonna happen Jets resurrection (They died with the AFL, give it up!) End Sally banter here? lol
  3. These river gauge forecasts upstream of landfall are pretty scary. I counted 10 to the N, E and NE of Cola up into AL and GA forecasted to be very near or above record levels later today through Saturday . Storms thankfully for once moving a little quicker than forecast. I hope the heavier precip shield stays SE of the mtn's. I remember going up to our family cabin in Maggy a couple weeks after Ivan (and Frances). Seeing 75 foot tall trees looking like clotheslines was pretty humbling. I would also like to file a formal complaint with College of Dupage for screwing up their radar website by integrating into the Sat page. What a pain in the Arse!
  4. Thanks! Getting close to knocking on Ivan's door then
  5. Pensacola gauge now the 4th highest recorded water level there with at least 6 more hours of onshore and high tide moving in.....
  6. Yeah, it almost looks like its stalled again over the last hour. It's taken nearly 5 days for this storm to traverse the tip of S FL to the AL/FL gulf coast. That's usually a 3 day trip. 5 days is usually a trip to TX lol. I will say this has been one of the more interesting storms at least to me, to track in a long while. Friend in Pensacola just called back and said it's getting even more crazy there. Said his house is literally shaking and it sounds like bombs going off outside. He's reading 977 on his handheld. He once again said the gusts are coming down, not laterally, like a hammer.
  7. Just got off the phone with a good friend in Pensacola. Lives about a mile from the coast. He and his wife were in the bathroom with their dog. He told me wind wise this is way worse than Ivan or any storm in the area in the 30 years they've lived there. Said they've been getting pummeled with consistent violent downbursts, not lateral gusts, violent downbursts, for the last hour.or so. He also said Sally has been beating the shit out of the coast there for nearly 36 hours. He's retired Navy, 15 of those years as a carrier fighter jock. For him to be in the bathroom during this storm it has to be scary at his location. We both got our pilots license at 16 together to save money and he's worse than I am when it comes to recreational foolish fearlessness lol.. He also said he had talked to some local friends and it's flooding like a mutha, in his words lol. Regardless, looks like Sally is getting close to landfall around Gulf Shores. The sooner it crosses the shore the better. Unfortunately points E still look to have another 6 to 10 hours of onshore flow not to mention precip.
  8. No surge in Mobile Bay with the E shift thank goodness. Brave ones could go out and start scraping crabs off the bottom.
  9. Right or wrong it certainly had more bearing than 500 words on how everyone's an idiot for even looking at the GFS or Euro. God knows the HWRF and it's crack morphed GFDL brother have decades of accuracy to back them up. Pensacola gauge now nearly 4 feet with high tide coming in peaking in about 6 hours. May not hit Ivan levels of 9.5 but could surpass Katrina at 5.4. (Notice how I end my post with relevancy?)
  10. Buoy 42012 forty miles offshore has been in sustained hurricane force winds and gusts of 100 + for 3.5 hours! That's "will it ever end" territory. I'd like to strap Patrowski to that thing then his maniacal screams might be legit
  11. Yep, they have another 24 hours before the center crosses the coast. Even mentioned border line major possible before landfall. And that was Stewart on the disco so grains of salt not needed
  12. Guess Sally huff and puffed one more time eh? Pensacola gauge already in the top 10 highest water level. Obvious tidal piling with high tide coming in. Buoy 42012 gusting close to Cat 3 in the NE eyewall. Crazy stuff.
  13. Wish I could make meme's but there's Penguins in Antarctica who've strapped Evinrudes to those collapsed ice shelves and are heading north to the Gulf
  14. If they haven't I'm gonna guess there will be a debate/further investigation as to if the actual true center made landfall. You know scientists, facts are facts lol.