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  1. Forgot to mention yesterday, I have 4 really sick dogs. Took them to the vet friday and I guess there's a really nasty flu like dog virus going around. The irony. But if you have a dog not feeling well it's not Covid19. But it is pretty nasty. Don't think I've seen dogs this sick before. Speaking of dogs you MN folks or anyone else here's a treat for the pandemic..... https://www.busch.com/foster-a-dog-now.html
  2. Getting there is gonna suck
  3. Great night for stargazing and satellite spotting tonight at least around here. Almost like a freezing cold late Jan early Feb night. I think I remember those anyway lol. Just things to do while we all stew https://www.heavens-above.com/
  4. Yes the ACE2 receptor in which this virus basically uses to initially invade the human body knows no race, every human being has it. The only thing genetically that could be involved is very subtle genetic differences in a persons immune response. Those differences would be so subtle that they wouldn't be passed down through a specific inherited lineage. More often than not environmental factors would play the biggest role in such a very subtle difference from person to person. Something as subtle (yeah using that word a lot) as years of high stress can cause it, exposure to whatever, the things you eat, etc. https://science.sciencemag.org/content/367/6485/1444
  5. That's why I agreed with what SPC did yesterday even though some were bashing them. This event was on the extreme edge of several Jonesboro's occurring. With low level inhibition still managed 22 tornadoes. Could've easily been 3 times that.
  6. Spring planting just commenced. I completely forgot about IL lol. But Alek Scarface just said the pipelines dry
  7. Can you get me a Canadian ID?
  8. A friend in Charleston told me at some stores they have tape spaced 6 feet apart at the checkouts and plexiglass "sneeze" guards between the cashier and the customer. Maybe Nwohweather can confirm since he deserted us
  9. I get what you're saying but I think your logic is skewed. Larger metro's are going to have higher infection rates simply due to the fact people are in closer proximity to each other, that's all it is. I live just outside of a town of 7-8k people and 90 % of them live in houses, rented or owned which puts them a good distance from their neighbors. The next closest towns are 10 miles away roughly the same size and the same type of neighborhoods. Have to drive 25 miles to get to a decent sized city of 25k or more. The bigger the city you tend to have more people living in say apartment complexes with people living right next each other, more people needing to use laundromats, cars parked right next to each other, hotels for travellers, companies that do business locally, nationally and globally amongst a myriad of other things.. Exponentially more chances of close contact because of the shear numbers of people puts everyone at a greater risk of infection. A little town of about 1k 8 miles away from me had my counties second death last week. The other one was in Anderson 25 miles away a city of 55k, but it also has 90 % of the infection rate of this county. Anderson has a fairly large oriental community by Indiana standards. Why is Anderson the hardest hit city in my county? Because they went to visit relatives over seas or vise versa? It's easy to get side tracked looking for answers during this time but it's important now more than ever that people be careful about how their comments would be perceived especially relating to divisive subjects. I'm sure you weren't trying to sound racist and were just trying to figure out a logical answer to your question. But you instantly saw how your logic was perceived as something else. We're all a bit on edge right now and it's going to get edgier. We all just need to give a little extra thought to how our comments and actions will be perceived by others. Not lecturing but you asked. Everyone just needs to slow down a tick, not just on social boards like this but in general, and think a little longer before speaking. Except for Alek, we all know he's an a... well lol
  10. I worked on a golf course for 3 years in college. I want to build a 3/4 acre deck to cover my yard. I hate grass, well that kind of grass
  11. Same here except that fixed nitrogen thing lol. Gonna have to mow soon. Sucks
  12. Early north later south, I feel like a goal post, it is Sunday after all lol.
  13. Like you posted about Iceland. If we don't have enough kits to test everyone the next best thing is random sampling. Doesn't take a lot to get a grip on an overall average. It's math, statistics, it works. When you posted that I was like geez, simple genius lol.
  14. Did it get a ticket? lol. As much as this system was a "dud" so to speak it certainly was a distraction from whats been going on, especially since the next couple weeks are looking dismal weather wise in our forum and health wise worldwide. The big tornado in AR, I can't imagine with the stress of the last couple weeks and to have that on top of it, no way. I really hope as we move further into severe season it stays dull as hell until we get a grip on this virus thing. The weather nerd in me is screaming no but I can't imagine the stress of losing life and property on top of what's going on. Hope we have a mellow severe season through June as much as that pains me to say. Cheers
  15. Should be a million infected "officially" worldwide by Tuesday or Wednesday. Will probably see a 1 day of 1k deaths in the US by next week, far from over. CDC reports 23k deaths from flu this flu season which runs from October to May the peak being February then dropping off drastically moving into March. Confirmed Covid19 infection rates will climb as testing gets better so not a good analogue. Deaths confirmed from the Covid19 infection are a better analogue sadly. With roughly 2200 deaths from this virus so far we've hit 10% of the flu deaths over this 8 month flu season in roughly 3 weeks with the curve continuing to rise. Even comparing to the 2017-2018 analogous flu season where death rates were 2- 3 times the average, this virus is winning at the moment.