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  1. Just sitting back enjoying the L&O Valley show lol .
  2. Thats flippin crazy. Storm Ciara was the strongest in like 10 years but that pressure is nuts.
  3. -4 last night, already 6 below forecast low, down to 1. Snow pack helping the radiational cooling for sure.
  4. -SN again, getting tickled. Got till midnight to collect another inch so I can verify lol.
  5. One thing to note and I was surprised. Within 36-24 hours most of the models had a NW/SE nearly 50% +/- in total snowfall right over the extreme NW part of the county. I drove 2 miles S today and totals dropped off noticeably. From about my area NW into Tipton and SW Howard county the totals were higher just as the models forecast, especially the NAM the Canuk and the ARW. Euro totals were obviously overdone and had no bearing on my fantasy call. But I am surprised at how accurately the models forecast totals over my area. Some of them got the math right at least locally.
  6. Well almost 20 tenths lol, ended up with 5 here so I busted low by an inch (like anyone believed my call including me ) We could've hit 6 but had a couple hours of freezing drizzle before it flipped back to -SN and whiffed on the front and any tickler from the lake. The bookshelf is full now for this season around here and we matched Halloween to keep them all in place. New shelf for any new books to come. At least this is gonna be around for a few days. Glad to see most everyone got something.
  7. Back to -SN here. One of the caveats in KIWX afternoon discussion was misalignment of DGZ and Omega, seems to be coming to fruition. Sitting at 3 here. Gonna be selective banding and backside potential to keep me from busting. Sitting on 2 pair mother nature holding 3 of a kind, waiting on the river
  8. Snow shut off 30 minutes ago. Don't know whats coming with the NWS radar data down. It's the 1800's lol.
  9. As I posted that it just cut loose, heaviest snow of the season. 30+ dbz band overhead all Peruvian flake.
  10. Definitely IMC conditions. Its Slicker Than a Witches Tit on the secondary roads (dont ask me something my grandpa always said). 1/4 mile visibility, flakes shrunk some but still SN/+SN. Estimate over 2 with compaction. I had a feeling that warm nose would underperform knock on wood. This is our last hurrah for the month in central IN, enjoy!
  11. Haven't seen any pingers (fingers crossed). Good inch already, nickle sized Rockwell flakes. Everything's covered, including the dogs and more importantly the mud! I do live in the country so it doesn't take much for the roads. Sticking to my fantasy call lol.
  12. Yeah it's gonna be a nail biter here lol, still moderate snow. Gonna go play
  13. Roads had no problem covering up. Nice big sticky flakes the last 30 minutes. Ground temps right at 32, roof at 33. If we can keep this up for the next 6-7 hours and keep that warm nose south we're on our way.