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  1. I'd say zzzzz too except I don't trust any of these models more than a day maybe 2 out the way they've been performing. It could snow pigeon eggs Wed. night for all they know
  2. Congrats, I know you guys whiteknuckle winter just about as much as we do over hear lol.
  3. Welcome to the I70 psyche ward. I say it every year. Tracking winter systems through here will make ya nuts lol. KIND is not exactly a snow magnet, averaging around 25 inches a year (That's 2in less than the national average). You spread that out over 16-20 weeks and doesn't take to many of these pecker gnat systems to fill that up. Heck I'm supposed to average about 30" 50 miles to the north, I've already got 8 and 5 of that was back in Nov. And if it does lay down a blanket don't count on it sticking around long until we get into late January and February' Both of those months are also notorious for subzero temps, howling winds and bare cornfields around here . We've also been severely lacking in clippers lately. I moved here 10 years ago and half my snow totals were a couple strong clipper trains. Climo around here is a fickle lady in the winter. There has been a bit of a snow drought of late I will admit. I don't think I've reached average snowfall in 5 years. We just happen to be in a bittersweet spot for winter storm tracks where a 20 mile shift in the track can mean the difference in cold rain or 8" of snow. The rubberband is gonna snap at some point and will get 12 incher fly through here, we're definitely due. Our best chances for snow are latter half of January into March anyway so our climo is just revving up. I think we;ve got a better chance coming up than we have the past few winters anyway. (insert glass half full) KIND NWS Climo
  4. Central Indiana, the aliens have arrived....
  5. Started rip city here about 15 min ago... for 5 min. Have half dollar raindrops mixing in now. Also looks like I'm gonna get dry slotted by an 8th grade punk system. Gonna lay my watermelon in some Easter hay and watch the rest of the new Zappa doc. (Highly recommended btw) Let the Shakespearean Tragedy continue .
  6. Report from Monticello IL of 8in, 6 from Argenta and Mt. Zion all within the last hour. Friend 20 miles N of me said it started ripping about 15 min ago.. As a bitching note, all these websites moving to graphical phone friendly designs for their sites suck.
  7. Baby Kanuk nailed the snow around Champaign at 00Z if it comes to fruition. Have some low/mid level dry air issues in IN but as the UL moves ENE should ring those out in the next hour.. Possible defo zone setting up from around Danville Il. up through Marion IN. -SN here, probably reach my 2in forecast for temporary relief from mudpocalypse. Points just to my N, especially IWX, are still in the game for an over performer.
  8. IWX 7pm update .Update... Issued at 717 PM EST Sat Jan 2 2021 Trends in near term guidance along with upstream sat/radar depiction of vigorous sw disturbance and attendant baroclinic leaf lifting out of nrn AR and expansion of radar returns through cntrl TN/wrn KY along leading edge of return moisture plume. This portents a brief period of mod-hvy snow likely to develop after midnight. Some nw displacement of H7 dilatation axis also noted in model guidance and suspect a robust deformation response aloft will occur overhead for a time late tonight. Thus have backed prior gridded stripe of higher qpf a bit nwwd esp under the guise of related H7 pivot point shaping up further nw from prior. Otherwise with a period of low static stability aloft timed with wwd arching but brief trowal, some banded enhancement likely which may yield some over performance in snow amounts northeast. Regardless rapid newd progression of upper sys lends a risk of going any higher with top end snow probs even though they may verify correct in some locations far northeast. Otherwise primarily a snow event with drizzle persisting this evening before ice nucleation takes over with arrival of upstream mid level moisture slug.
  9. Nice, thanx. Around 20 seconds in looks like a scene from Ice Road Truckers lol
  10. Can't burst my bubble, I live in north central IN climo hell lol. HRRR gives me a little love too with wave 3. It'll all turn to mud anyway, I'll take the eye candy if I can get it
  11. Got a surprise 1.5 SN with wave 1, just enough early morning ice out of wave 2 to turn my dogs onto Nazi Punks F&$k Off, I'll gladly take this out of wave 3 and cash out until the 15th
  12. HRRR been trimming the southern extent of ice in Indiana but cranking it in northern IN and far southern MI and NW OH over the last 6 hours.... .
  13. Weird, I'm melting off the roof here. Windshield is water drops. Had some ice on the porch a few hours ago but it's melted. I'm up to 32.5 now. Gone up a degree an hour since 4am.
  14. As I typed that the surface freeze line moved N of Indy. I'll be above 0C by 9am. Looks like if anyone is going to get ice it'll be NW IL/ SE IA. Most of MO at or above 0C now except for far NW. I really am surprised a 1006 low is lifting this much warmth this aggressively. I was thinking noon to 2pm to hit 0C from an overnight low of -5C. Not complaining, only thing I hate more than ice is mud. My temps up to 31F now. Guess I'll get the greater of 2 evils lol.