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  1. Jackstraw

    July 19-20 Severe Weather

    Cool storms to watch. They blew up around Kokomo in like 20 minutes. Alittle more shear up here and it could've gotten very interesting. Really nice radar depiction of the southern flank of the N IN line encountering the outflow from the SE IN storms that rolled through a few hours ago. Muncie has been getting pummeled with nearly 5 inches of rain in the last 2 or 3 hours under that boundary. (Time Sensitive link) http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/index.php?type=IND-N0Q-1-24
  2. Jackstraw

    July 19-20 Severe Weather

    Still hazy here but dews are definitely on the uptick. I'll be out running some errands around 2 so hopefully I can catch something along the warm front. Radars around the area have been cool to watch with these little vortices spinning around the main low. http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/index.php?type=ILX-N0Q-1-24
  3. Jackstraw

    July 19-20 Severe Weather

    The one to the north by Marshalltown starting to rev up.
  4. Jackstraw

    2018 Short to Medium Range Severe Thread

    If that ridge was just centered 150 miles east it would be game on.
  5. I'm 2 miles from IWX's AFD. I don't know how many times I check the P&C to my north just inside their AFD area and the forecasts are different than just inside IND's. Usually not by much but occasionally there's a decent spread. And sometimes it just seems like they're betting with each other. For instance, IWX has Friday as the hottest day at 95 2 miles to my north with Saturday at 93 and IND has us at 92 on Friday and 94 on Saturday for this mini heatwave. Sometimes I wonder if the occasional beer isn't on the line or some season long bragging rights lol. Boring weather brings about boring posts
  6. Jackstraw

    Alberto remnants

    .10 inches so far all in sprinkles. Sidewalks are drying up faster than it falls. Hopefully some of that southern band can make it here. It's a desert. Don't usually see my yard cracking until August.
  7. Jackstraw

    Alberto remnants

    Now that's a tie dye!
  8. Jackstraw

    2018 Short to Medium Range Severe Thread

    Yes, this stubborn pattern has got to go. If we can get some decent shear tomorrow maybe we can get something to sneak in before you leave! Good luck to you. Hope you'll still post your thoughts around here from time to time. Always enjoyed your insight!
  9. 19/10/4 June 2/1/0 July 3/1/1 August 4/2/1 September 8/4/2 October 2/2/0 November 0/0/0
  10. Well Ryan said google it lol. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Arabian_Peninsula_tropical_cyclones That would be an amazing sight especially just after landfall. I wonder if there is plant/animal(not necessarily multi cell) life in the area that lays dormant until such an event happens.
  11. Been the curse all Spring if Spring is what you want to call it lol.
  12. What is this cold liquidy substance falling from the sky? I think it's an alien invasion or its been so long I can't remember! The whishy washy front is right over us. I was 2 miles to my south at friends and his thermometer said it was 74 degrees. Drove home 2 miles north not 5minutes later and it was 61. You could tell the marked difference in the air mass, dews, temps etc. Pretty freaky. Only in the Midwest lol.
  13. Jackstraw

    'Tis the season, but no one wants it

    Also early and late season development will occasionally occur along the SE coast from J'ville to Myrtle beach along stalled fronts and even sometimes from a strong MCS moving out over the gulf stream.
  14. Jackstraw

    May 2018 General Discussion

    /\ Yep, when it finally warmed up no rain. Its destroyed the mushroom season, worst I've ever seen. Hoping for a pop up decent soaking today, might get one more chance if we get some precip. It's been muggy as hell the last few days.
  15. Jackstraw

    May 2018 General Discussion

    Not a drop, nada, nothing, zilch.