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  1. Up over 4 here. Back to finer dendrites but still coming at a good clip. Points north reporting 4.5 to 5 just noticed KIWX issued a WWA. Now the 00Z models are hinting at another 4-6 possible tomorrow evening into Tues. along I70. Throw another 4 on top of what I have and I'm happy till Friday lol.
  2. Think the Canuk pulled a coup at least with this first wave and distribution. See how the defo sets up tomorrow evening. Thats going to be the icing or the burnt crispys on the cake lol
  3. Just came back in from a ride. 3 here and still going. Yep theyre a mess. Ill never understand why they plow all the way to the freezing pavement, expose liquid water to sub freezing air, and take away 2 or 3 inches of snow you can use for traction (for that matter 4 or 5) Geez leave me some snow to grab
  4. Starting to really pick up here. Medium to fine dendrites but lots with a light SE breeze. That stronger band that was in S IN is just south. Guessing 1/2 inch in the last 30 - 45 min.
  5. Looking back into IL think parts of KLOT and KIWX areas could get a bit of a surprise by early am. Only issue right now is dry air but that seems to be slowly eroding. Just started dropping some floaters here.
  6. Noticed that also. Its good timing for the I70 crew being at night. Points S and SW were forecast with higher storm total amounts due to this first wave but from the looks of things back west as you said there could be a larger swath of initial amounts especially north. If can stay out of any warm nose with the second one tomorrow could see some nice spread the wealth amounts through central IL, IN and even into Central and NE OH and even some points north. Id say IF that happens the Canuk scored a coup as its been very consistent in such a scenario over the last 48 hours or so.
  7. Could pinger town finally have it's it's vengeance?
  8. Albeit that's usually me after midnight, but that damn near made me spit out my coffee lol.
  9. Also it's the annual battle of the AFD's. KIND has me at 4-6 with FRZA mixing in, and curiously only a WWA for technically warning criteria snow. IWX, 2 miles to my north, has me at 2-4 with no mixing issues and curiously no WWA with technically advisory criteria amounts. Baffled a bit, they both betting high? Let the winter games begin lol.
  10. I don't dare throw out a guess this far out around here (36 hrs lol) in mid Dec. Still big chance its gonna be a slush fest. Model soundings vary but there's warm tongues floating around from 500 down to 925 depending on the model. Hate I70 App runners this early. 00Z OP runs made a pretty significant shift south except for the Canuk who thinks it's January although it's been very consistent in it's solutions run to run comparatively. I will be pleasantly surprised or normally disappointed either way. Such is winter life nowadays along the whiteknuckle I70 line. Bring on the clippers
  11. Thar's one thing about living here in the hinterland of winter anxiety, getting hopes up is mea culpa. But on the flip side if it does happen it's like a one night stand with the Lawrence Welk girls in a tub of olive oil
  12. Several reports of gusts 55-60 around here and a few 60-65. Had about a 1-2 hour period where sustained winds were never less than 30 and as high as 45 between 11 and 1 yesterday which I thought was more impressive than the gusts. Neighbor across the way lost an 800 sq. ft. unfinished room addition. The roof ended up flipping over on the main house roof and sliding off. Looked like the famous video of the roof flying off in Hawaii during hurricane Iniki lol. (Neighbors an idiot probably used staples and Elmers glue building it ) Happy Tryptophan day y'all
  13. Flirting with ear popper pressures up around GB with 986mb right now. Don't see many buoy graphs like this outside tropical season lol...
  14. The radar returns down here were some of the highest DBZ I've seen for a liquid/frozen event @ 60-70. I thought for sure as that moved NE into some colder air and into the waning hours an isolated area would get 3-4 in a mini blizzard lol.