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  1. Found some archives of WWBB up on the Wayback Machine. Was never a member but do remember reading the board and learning a lot. https://web.archive.org/web/20010614130410/http://www.wright-weather.com:80/cgi-bin-bb/Ultimate.cgi?action=intro
  2. Wow close call for him glad he was ok. Yep this thing, if it was occasionally on the ground, was rain wrapped until it got into south central Blackford county. Ran into those exact conditions you did. Kinda disappointed I didn't stick with it longer, I stopped about a mile or 2 from Jay county. Was a bit overly cautious because of the very heavy precip and the fact I had my better half with me on her first chase, who btw wants to go again tomorrow lol, big surprise there.. No way was I going to push it. We were right behind the couplet for awhile but just couldn't see because of the rain. As the couplet intensified on radar we had to re-route due to a big tree across the road. Got back on its tail in the vicinity of Hartford city but it had moved easily 2 or 3 miles ahead. Took us a while to get home because of downed trees and power lines and flooded roads all the way back to 13 in northern Madison county. Best shot I have of it, not much lol, just as it was maybe crossing into Jay county, a mile or 2 away... Did stop to help these folks look for their dog. The guy had a pretty nasty cut on his hand. He was trying to get his dog inside and that shed hit him and the dog and rolled them all into the field. That shed was originally under the tree that fell to the left. I'd say he was pretty damn lucky. They said it touched down about 1/4 - 1/2 mile to the west of them, didn't even see it coming....
  3. Chased that damn thing all the way from SW Tipton county to Dunkirk and never saw it on the ground. Started off elevated with some screaming SE inflow at about 1k ft. It took a hard right as it entered northern Madison county and merged with a heavy rainer just to it's north. Got caught in some really heavy precip. flooded roads and ended up to far behind it. It could've dropped a few times as there was a definite path of intermittent SW to NE tree, barn and shed damage all the way back to just west of Summitville. didn't see anything to terrible but took some trees as big as 2 or 3 feet wide down. Was in the wrong position and blinded by precip most of the time.
  4. Might be the best strategy if anything really gets going! KIND has been ramping up the rain totals to close to 3-3.5 inches during the roughly 24 hr. event. Ground around here is already saturated, flash flooding is definitely an ever increasing concern.
  5. Thanks! The good 'ol in the fall you don't chase 'em , they chase you in Indiana kinda surprises! Still some sorting out as everyone's pointed out but if we get a mini outbreak, and we can get lucky, hopefully we can get some good pics and video...... if I can control the potential localized panic lol.
  6. Think I'm going to head over to Frankfort and work from there if everything pans out. Most of the fields are in so should have good visibility. The other half and I were going to Kokomo tomorrow anyway so I've talked her into going on her first chase with me. I know some big hailers and lightning will scare her more than than any spin ups so it could get interesting for us.. My windshields still broke in my chaser beater from a chase back in the spring lol. Hopefully my new camera mount won't fail me this time!
  7. I woke up the other morning and thought I Van Winkled until October.
  8. 140 mph SFMR in the traditionally weak quadrant on the left flank. Just bad news to more bad news for the islands.
  9. The northern islands are less than 36 hours away from the brunt and should be of immediate concern if it doesn't gain some latitude tomorrow and even then it's going to be really close.
  10. One thing the islands have going for them is it looks like Cat 2 and higher surface winds are confined very close to the center, maybe within 10 miles atm. If the storm can remain fairly compact as it is now over the next 24-36 hours and stay on the forecast track maybe Anguilla, perhaps to a bit of a lesser extent Antigua and St. Martin get a pretty good dose but the others may dodge a bullet. That's a big if, barring any wobbles or rapid expansion of the wind field or a continuation west a little longer than forecast. An ERC early tomorrow evening could also be a blessing.
  11. Product: Bathythermal Data (SOFX01 KWBC)Date Profile Data was Processed: September 4th, 2017 at 23:54:36ZAgency: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Aircraft: Lockheed WP-3D Orion (Reg. Num. N42RF) Storm Number: 11L in 2017 (flight in the North Atlantic basin)AXBT Buoy Drop (Airborne eXpendable Bathythermograph)Profile Date: September 4th, 2017Profile Time: 23:48:46ZProfile Coordinates: 17.646N 53.454W Profile Location: 516 statute miles (830 km) to the NE (53°) from Bridgetown, Barbados.AXBT Channel: 16Sea Surface Temperature: 28.20°C (82.8°F)Depth of 26°C Isotherm: 120 m (394 ft)Deepest Depth of AXBT: 337.5 m (1,107 ft)
  12. Yes. It's going to be a very fine line for the northern most islands. Right now Anguilla is going to be roughly 15 miles to the SW of the center of the storm on the current official track. They seem to have been taking this very seriously and are about as prepared as they can be. But as has been said before, those islands haven't experienced a storm of this magnitude in over 20 years, since Luis in '95. And this one could be stronger. We will get a real sense of what Irma has to offer come early Wed. if the current track verifies.
  13. I believe Windspeed may have commented already about this among others but the timing of a turn north is still just outside the models skill range. The trend has been a turn north forever but it keeps getting displaced somewhat farther in time and farther west. I don't expect a drastic change at 00z when the new data is ingested but I do expect a change especially within the 5 day. We may very well see a run back east at 120-144. The current status is showing the parts are beginning to move after being fairly stagnant the last 48 hours. I would like to see some consistency in the 120 hour range of a northward pivot point before I'll start to buy where, if and when.