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  1. Thank goodness there is no wind. I've never seen the tops of these leaves lol
  2. I've been in Fl for the last 6 weeks tending to family matters. Weather wasnt much on my mind. Imagine my surprise when the plane was landing at 6pm to some snow, not flurries, full on snow! Wow. Wife told me on the phone it was just starting to snow when I was boarding, she got me home around 8 and just wow again. We took a ride around 11 and the country roads were well covered and slick. Snow stopped here about 12-12:30. Stuck a ruler in a planter on the back deck it said 4 inches FWIW. Maple tree limbs that are normally 15 ft above my back deck are literally 2 feet above it. This is some crazy shitz lol.
  3. ^Why did you send it this way? We were supposed to be 0, it's freakin -9. Y'all can keep that stuff, just send me more of your snow
  4. We gonna name this one? Since the EC has their "Presidents Day" and now that Presidents Day is officially Washingtons Birthday (leave it alone) I suggest "The WB"
  5. Well, I said it was winding down here. Just started +SN fat flakes from a desperate weenie band moving in. This thing just won't stop, not that I'm complaining lol.
  6. Finally winding down here, I think lol. Been snowing consistently since about 2 pm not counting wave one. Always been steady SN to +SN with wide types of dendrites. Roads out here are trash, some with 4 to 6 ft drifts. Walked out to my road with the dogs around 9 and there were a couple drifts that came up to my chest and I'm 6'2". So we're stuck for awhile. Weather station recorded sustained 25KT winds for more than an hour a couple times, once when that first fgen band came through around 2-3, and the 2nd from about 6- 8:30 or so. Highest gust was 38KT's at 7:55. Plenty of gusts over 30KT's throughout. About the craziest and most fun snow event since I moved here, maybe because we just don't see a system like that around here very often.
  7. Will be fun when it stops so I can sleep lol
  8. Have to be approaching a foot here. Its been rip city for the last 90 minutes, non-stop nice dendrites. This thing wont quit.
  9. Per meso we've been in the best alignment with the surface low, 850 and 700 for the past couple hours or so. Should continue for the maybe the next 2 hours from returns. Still recovering from the last venture in the truck, crazy s$%t out there lol.
  10. Lol, havent left my driveway, beginning to debate my decision to take one more ride lol.
  11. If the RAP verifies it's giving me another 11 that will put me at 16-17 in 24 hours. Those are 77-78 numbers for us.
  12. Quick report from the stix, it's been getting real the last 2 hours. The wind is a lot stronger than forecast, seeing 20KT sustained gusts to 30KT out here. The onset was a couple hours early with that little 700mb perturbation spinning up. Snow wasn;t that heavy when that initial band started moving through around 2 but the wind really started the blow fest and keeping flake size in check. Rates really picked up around 3:30. Visibilities got down to 1/4 mile to nearly 0 at times. I'm guessing another 2 to 3 since 3pm, impossible to measure out here. There's plenty of 3 foot drifts to choose from lol. It was starting to get pretty bad in town about an hour ago, even some decent drifting starting there. Highways are covered slick and shaky, the secondary roads are between being fun and scary. If we can avoid any surprise dry slots (theyre always lurking lol) the brunts do to start here through the next 3-5 hours we could approach 10, maybe even a foot. It's still ripping out there and again, that damn wind. Heading back out one more time, don't think it'll be safe in an hour or two. Quick pic from around an hour ago or so. I'm in weenie wonderland lmao
  13. Looks like about 7-11 tonight is going to be happy hours around here. Bring it...
  14. A poster just down the road, welcome. We need some more central IN posters. Think the E/W roads are going to be the worst, especially if we get into some 30mph gusts tonight and tomorrow like they're talking. Actually saw a Tipton county plow out already plowing their side of county line road. Jokers on this side are slackers lol. Keep us up to date on how storm go's for you over there.
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