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  1. I got nothing to cover after September lol. Still have some peppers in the garden but a light frost tends to pull the sugars into them so I'm for it. Might get some some sweet hots of the bush's this year, it's been awhile. I can honestly say this is going to be the first weekend that it truly feels like Fall in a long time. The extended seems to keep it coming. I'm all in if we can keep it going to turkey day. I swear, there has not been a Fall of my youth since I moved back 7 years ago. might get some sweet hots off the vine this year been awhile. It'll be patchy if it happens
  2. Finally, a chilly light rain the last couple hours. Was going to flip out if we drop 40 degrees in 12 hours and get nothing.
  3. Pretty amazing, have had 30-35 dbz returns overhead and hardly a drop. Watched that entire mass of precip just get eaten away as it moved NE of Indy.
  4. Looks like we could have our first frost of the season tonight
  5. I can't remember seeing so many suspect areas/formations/storms at or above 30N as this year.
  6. Well the extended looks like... wait for it... FALL! About freaking time we had one.
  7. Cant even squeeze a tenth out of this front.
  8. I'd take filthy 4th's around here. Beginning to wonder if camels could be a good investment.
  9. No wonder never heard of Rainbow Mt.! https://www.alongdustyroads.com/posts/rainbow-mountain-cusco-peru
  10. Great sat. image depicting the strong SE ridging in place. The cumulus streaks over IL/IN almost look like isobar line lol.
  11. Didn't even get a 10th here. Soybean fields around here are crazy. Crops that are in the lowest parts of the field are full green and growing, The others are so brown and dry they're ready for harvest, not to mention they're less than a foot tall. You can see it field after field. During a wetter period the ones that are doing good would be stunted and visa versa. Corn crop is very noticeably short and stunted. My yard was wet at 5:30 this morning when I got home it was bone dry again. Tree's taking it hard too, the early turners are going straight to brown.
  12. This is getting ridiculous. The N part of this front is falling apart as it comes through this area. This is like the 3rd one over the last 3 weeks where the precip went N and S of here.
  13. Hoping we get something tonight. It's parched around here. Any exposed bare ground looks like a dried lake bed. No measurable precip locally for almost the entire month.
  14. Katrina hit the east coast of Fl. also. Currently the environment is pretty hostile in the far eastern Carib (as usual), but as you move west it gets much more favorable. Karen has some really good divergence overhead currently, much more than Jerry ever had. The Euro has been doing some tricky things with Karen the last day or 2 as was posted in the hurricane season thread. There is strong model consensus of ridging to the north building in in 3-5 days, strong enough to perhaps even push Karen back to the SW. We will see where she's at and what her attitude is when and if that truly happens. We are a week away from Oct. and if I still lived on the West coast of Fl. I would really be keeping my on this one. Fantasy land guidance is showing a nice path into west Fl. if something can slip into the SW/S GOM.
  15. You can really see the mid level vortex take off here..... https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/?parms=subregional-E_Antilles-09-48-1-100-1&checked=map&colorbar=undefined