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  1. Guessing by the lack of ppsts today is much ado about nothing, but with as boring as this Spring has been here I'll take anything I can get. Could probably count on one hand the days I have heard thunder thus far.
  2. Bit odd seeing a pulse squall line, thing has made very little progress east as it starts to weaken in the midsection. Was worried about some dirt track races getting rained out, shouldn't be a problem at all. At least for the ones I'm wanting to watch.
  3. 2 confirmed tornados ongoing in west central IL. No watch out and SPC doesn't even have 2% chance in SWODY 1
  4. Enhanced dropped from central IL just as the sun comes out to laugh. If it isn't cleared out by 8:30am anymorr I lose hope, and even then we usually get a surprise capping. Give me some thunder amd I'll be contemt.
  5. Large moderate introduced for tomorrow
  6. Think I found the culprit, synoptic winds howling right now so doubt they try fixing it tonight.
  7. Warned now, wonder if airport recorded a gust or widespread power outage prompted it
  8. Power went out here as thunderstorm moved in, not sure if it was a bit of mixing down or high synoptic winds earlier created something for the rain to take advantage of. Bit of thunder but not much. Oil lamps are something not many have or appreciate anymore. Glad I have a few.
  9. Precip has arrived, falling as snow pellets at a good clip. Better than freezing rain and/or sleet.
  10. Misting here, not flurries. Might get a bit more freezing rain than expected.
  11. You get any thunder today? Got woke up about 4:10 this morning with some good thunder and lightning, then torrential bursts of rainfall. Radar estimates of 1.5" but airport recordings overnight have been down for a while now. Either way, been a long time since a good thunderstorm. I'll trade snow for that any day.
  12. Nothing left but drifts and plow mounds here. Currently have exhaust fans and doors open at work, won't be long before snow becomes a hinderance. March 15th is my transition to Spring mode, but I know there'll be cold and possibly snow after that.
  13. ILX already talking about next week, probably a bit premature to be mentioning it a week out.
  14. Officially goes down here as an estimated 5.2" which set a daily snowfall record. Looking outside this morning cannot argue with the total, but kinda surprised an estimate can go into records.
  15. Waiting on this final band to come through, hope it holds intensity.
  16. It's absolutely ripping snow right now, good sized flakes as well
  17. I don't know for certain that they did, but on my 3 outings today I don't recall seeing any mail trucks. Tracking still says out for delivery so we'll see. Never used to happen regardless of weather, was one of the motto's they actually prided themselves with
  18. Rain, sleet and snow today. Think they pulled mail carriers from their routes, going to have to change their motto... . Kinda sucks as the carburetor for my snow blower was scheduled to be delivered today.
  19. Just got back from the store, roads are surprisingly pretty bad already. That sleet laid down a layer that pretty much negated the pretreatment. Warm truck is already coated over again.
  20. Moderate to heavy snow now, finally get to enjoy one from start to finish. Usually at work or have to go to bed for work.
  21. Just switched from steadily pouring small flakes to large flakes. Already coating the salted walks
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