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  1. Ended up a bit of an overachiever here, very comfortable saying 2 1/2" but feel it may be closer to 3". Hard to tell with the drifting that took place. Definitely better than 10:1 ratio, would guess 13-15:1, was an easy shovel when I got home. Will be our highest event total for sure on the season. I'd trade it for the weekend heavy band in a heartbeat though. Drive home looked like IDOT may have been caught a bit off guard locally. Onto the next one.
  2. Snow/flurries started here about 10 minutes ago. If we can manage 1.4" it would be the biggest single day snow of the season. Pretty sad saying that on January 27th
  3. March is a bit early please I'll take snow up until the first week of April, hail is the only wished upon frozen precip after that.
  4. Just hope in the end to say, " Man, the Euro nailed this at 5 1/2 days out" I know better though....
  5. I'd rather live where you are than here, if I had to remain in IL. Galesburg is where I would want to live for the weather bonus Capitol of the state. They get it all and rarely misses them for a season. Severe or winter weather, Galesburg is always close to an epicenter it seems.
  6. 03 please, but I'll take my cold rain and like it......
  7. Everything here melting on contact pretty much, even with moderate snow earlier. Just had a heavy band come in that I could hear from inside. Thought it was raining, looked out and it was pouring snow and graupel. Got a coating on elevated surfaces and light dusting on the grass in about 4 minutes. Stopped as fast as it started.
  8. Gotcha, I'm an enthusiast rather than student. I seen "cellular" and c9nvective both in there to make that assumption. Win some and lose some Thanks for the clarification.
  9. ILX mentioning potential for thundersnow, not expecting much accunulation, if any but would make for an even trade.
  10. Airport reported 2.2", had just over 3" at my house
  11. Easily going to be the biggest snow of the year/season here.
  12. Ground is completely covered now, closing in on an inch easily. Still pouring snow