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  1. Got power back at 5:00pm, so 28 hours of misery. Carb was gummed up on the small generator I have so couldn't run the deep freeze. Luckily I didn't lose that meat. Did lose the refrigerator items though, last batch of deer chilli was at 67 degrees, should have thrown it in the deep freezer in hindsight.
  2. Coming up on 9 hours without power, tomorrow may be a day of firing up the grill and smoker. Extend the life of frozen food before it's a total waste. I'd give a thousand dollars for a nice battery powered fan right about now. Oil lamps and propane lanterns, light the rooms but increase the temp at the same time, catch 22.....
  3. Got hit pretty hard here, have extensive wind damage across the city. More than half the people are without power in Springfield, been without power for over 5 hours now and no estimate on when power will be restored. Hit here About 12:20pm, power went out just after the tornado warning was issued. Had a pretty good couplet that formed just east of New Berlin and then took a SE turn going slightly north of Chatham, stayed faitly strong on velocity scans going between Edinburg and Kincaid. Won't be surprised to see a few touchdowns confirmed if not a path. A lot of trees snapped half way up and significant damage to homes, but none leveled, in the Curran area. Seen quite a few large limbs and trees snapped on the drive home, had a large tree snapped and on a couple cars on Peoria road across from State Fairgrounds, but those trees are a bit sketchy due to the way the power company trims them around the lines. Best and worst storm, depends on how you view weather, to hit here in quite some time, i would say the most widespread damage since the 2006 March 12 tornados. Number without power has actually increased a few thousand since 3pm, was at 44% then.
  4. Maybe that's it then, but I know there have been tornado warnings in Sangamon county, usually before they get to me or just after passing and the sirens in town do not sound. Maybe damage reports coming in from Sherman prompted them to sound off again.
  5. I emailed the fire chief here for clarification on the second warning siren sounding. First one went off around 6:15pm for the circulation(and very likely tornado) near/over Sherman. The second sounded around 6:36pm with no active warnings over the area. The closest warning was from 6:19pm for a "large and extremely dangerous tornado" near Williamsville, well out of the way of Springfield. A new warning was issued at 6:38pm for a confirmed tornado even further ENE from Springfield. I can't find anything supporting my "all clear" activation. Curious to see if I get a response, but I'll swear to it, they have done it before.
  6. Hearing about reports of a lot of homes destroyed in Sherman.
  7. They've done it here plenty of times, been awhile simce they have went off so can't confirm if they did the same last time or not. Wasn't any type of warning at the time, hell, wasn't even worthy of a SWS IMBY, seen like 3 pea sized hail stones and maybe a gust to 40. Like 2 miles north in Sherman may be a different story.
  8. Tornado sirens gping off again here
  9. Confirmed tornado a couple miles north
  10. Still coming down at a pretty good rate.
  11. Snowing at a rate heavy enough to overcome ground temp now, grass is about 3/4 covered and roads/driveway getting a coating.
  12. Not currently, had some thunder earlier but was on a computer away from window so not sure if it was snowing then or not. Was surprised when I looked out the window and seen it snowing heavy. Starting to coat but only going to create frozen slush
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