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  1. Lightning strike to my NW, hoping that's the signal the western end of things might be set to go. Usually get capped when we're in the 90's and storms fail, hit 99 here today.
  2. You may be referencing @Central Illinois
  3. When I first seen this I thought it could be the wall cloud dissipating or something. Never seen a tornado or tornadic cell in daylight. Wasn't any rotation that I could see but not sure how evident it is from a few miles away. Just seen a ring like pattern and was intrigued.
  4. Anyone see any confirmed debris signature in the Pleasant Plains area when it was confirmed? Waiting to hear back from a high school friend there in hope's he faired well.
  5. I'm not sure what I was looking at to my NW and eventual North. I couldn't see any clear cut rotation to be the wall cloud of the storm. I have a horrible view from my backyard and kept wandering out trying to get a view in gaps between obstructions and lightning was my biggest fear lol. Wasn't a whole lot of thunder nor lightning here. I think it was just a bit too far away for me to have had a visual on the main part of the storm. Maybe this tail end Charlie can give me a thunderstorm warning. Was still some pretty cool cloud formations regardless.
  6. Sirens going off here, we'll south of the Storm but they are mainly for Sherman about 4 miles away
  7. Stuck in the Dr. office watching radarscope and each warning picks up speed I'm not overly optimistic, they always weaken or split as they near and restrengthem after passing. I just hate being windowless
  8. Hit 79 today, also think a wind advisory could have been justified. Been some good gusts and limbs coming down this afternoon/evening.
  9. Decent little storm moved through here, was surprised when I pulled up radar ILX put a warning on it. Came through a bit differently than usual. First a batch of heavy rain moved through, then a few CTG's with some decent thunder claps. Then it started a light rain and thought the warning was kneejerk. About 8:12 the winds started coming in, had about 4 or 5 pockets of winds I wouod guesstimate near 45'ish mph. Next door neighbor has a maple thathas been slowly dieing the past few years and neighbor across the street has two 75 foot ash about 38" in diameter that are completely dead. Was expecting some branches to come down or worse, but the way the winds gusted in short bursts they all survived. Didn't get any hail here, wish there was lightning behind the leading edge though. Lools lioe just showers the rest of the way. I could see some areas within the warning getting severe gusts. Definitely ready for Spring to spring though.
  10. I'm pre-internet as well , born 4 months after this event.
  11. Apologies for not knowing where to post, but can you imagine 47 years ago and no access to models or Meso Discussions...
  12. Yeah, SPC could have done without the NW bump of the slight to along the IL river here. Storm that did pass through was easily covered by the marginal, HRRR did well with it staying to my south I'm severe weather starved here
  13. Wasn't even yawn worthy. Same old song and dance, storm skirts by, showers stabilize things, anything behind will weaken as it approaches. I did hear some thunder though....
  14. Took awhile to clear out here, not sure it'll pan out IMBY. Give me some thunder and I'll be happy.
  15. Kept it marginal with little or bo change to delineation, possible upgrade at 20Z Text posted above
  16. Marginal introduced ...MO...IA...IL... Early day rain and storms should quickly shift east across MO and AR along the low-level jet axis. Although the surface low will be slowly filling, daytime heating will produce a plume of steep low-level lapse rates across much of central MO and extending into southwest IA. With 50s F dewpoints and cold air aloft, the result will be an uncapped and sufficiently unstable air mass to support low-topped cells, including a few supercells. A broken arc of storms is expected to form after 18Z over western MO, moving northeastward toward southern IA and western IL by 00Z. Veering winds with height as well as favorable low-level buoyancy may support a brief tornado, along with marginal hail.
  17. Got my first dose of Pfizer yesterday, go back April 2nd for the second. Sore where the needle went in but no issues, hopefully the same way on 2nd shot.
  18. Scratch that, jumped 3 degrees past hour,make that 64 Fair 64°F 18°C
  19. Currently 61 degrees, first 60 degree day since Dec. 23rd. Makes it hard to wish for snow/cold anymore. Bring on Spring
  20. Doesn't make sense to me, 5.8" on .56" QPF when it was 3 degrees or colder and snow depth is 3".
  21. Guessing by visual depth and shoveling earlier KSPI will end up in the 6.5 - 7.5" range. i don't know how you accurately measure with todays conditions. Drove by the airport on the way home and it's an expansive flatland with little wind block as one could imagine, but the road was bare and wind blown snow whisking across it.
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