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  1. We need a big stimulus package to get us through this winter. Why is this so hard for these idiots in Washington to understand?
  2. About to hit 80k again. Facepalm
  3. We are hitting 70k like its nothing now.
  4. Illinois with another staggering 6110 cases
  5. The very fact that America is fat and out of shape is all the reason more to mandate mask
  6. WOW!!! We only test 19,583 today and still had over 2000.
  7. Just noticed our positivity rate was 10.1 percent in Indiana today.
  8. We are only 4% of the world's population yet here we are at the top. America should be ashamed
  9. With Halloween this weekend have to wonder if this will cause more community spread
  10. It is only October folks. To bad we still do not have a plan
  11. The key to this winter is going to be the strength of the southeast ridge. Wildcard is the NAO