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  1. I do wonder just how far north that warm front will get with that high pressure to the north. Think the models may be a little too far north
  2. I've been noticing that to but am scared to post in these threads anymore lol
  3. Potential is there for a pretty big fall storm late next week . Will be worth keeping an eye on
  4. Would really love snow for the holidays. It's been a while
  5. When he doesn't let politics get in the way he has a wealth of knowledge that very few meteorologist have. I agree though. Climate change is very real
  6. Joe Bastardi is one of our greatest minds even though he can be a bit biased
  7. I will say this, Not everyone is on the same level. I am still learning and come to these boards to learn and even debate different view points. Please take into consideration when new comers come and post
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