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  1. PDO region has really cooled. Wonder what effect this will have on spring and summer
  2. 45,462 hospitalizations. Still going down
  3. One thing has become clear. America is selfish. Everybody is for themselves no matter who it hurts. God forbid we get an even worse pandemic. We will be absolutely f**ked!!!
  4. I agree. We are so close. Why risk setting us back in America just to score political points?
  5. I really hope these states opening up doesn't set us back
  6. Most likely undergoing the dewpoints but we will see
  7. I wouldn't say cases are irrelevant but less threatening with the most vulnerable being vaccinated. Youth however does not guarantee staying out of the hospital or survival
  8. I agree. Moving a little too fast, though I do get everyone is tired of the mask
  9. Only 48k cases yesterday. Truly an amazing decline from January