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  1. This pandemic has exposed a major weakness in America. Hopefully we learn from this
  2. I agree. It is undeniable. Springs are not what they used to be here in the OV.
  3. Vaccinations are still going at a good clip
  4. Get the world vaccinated and this is over. Mutations from unvaccinated parts of the world will be a huge threat until that happens
  5. Obviously that would not be ideal but we are going to have to accept the possibility that things may not get back to normal fully for a while to come. It's unfortunate but we have got to come to grips with this possibility. I still believe this summer will be much better overall but not fully normal. That won't happen until the world as a whole gets this under control and we are a long way away from that happening
  6. With these new variants and kids not being vaccinated yet, children are very much at risk
  7. I would feel much better if the world wasn't so lit up right now with this pandemic. It is going to require a global effort to truly get out of this fully
  8. This is the equivalent of the United States having over 5600 deaths in a day. Something else to consider is a lot of these deaths are young
  9. Just continues to get worse in Brazil
  10. Yeah their population is only 38 million
  11. The quicker everyone gets their vaccines the quicker we can be done with this. It really is just that simple folks
  12. This really puts it in perspective how bad Michigan is doing. Really mysterious how Michigan is surging like this. Were there any big events in the last month?
  13. I will be getting mines next week!
  14. Hospitalizations are now almost up to 40k at 39,474. Up 691 from yesterday
  15. Hopefully we can get all the kids back in school this fall. Vaccinations will be key
  16. My prediction for the United States is we will get this under control by the summer but variants will most likely set us back some this fall and winter. Its conceivable this could repeat itself over the next couple of years but hopefully getting weaker over time