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  1. Another basically 60k positive cases today. Almost a thousand deaths also. Definitely heading in the wrong direction
  2. I'd be very careful about comparing mortality rate. We do not know yet how this virus is going to behave this winter. Especially when combined with the regular seasonal flu
  3. Talk about a MEGA SUPPER SPREADER!!! This is a recipe for disaster We can only pray now that they come out with the vaccine soon
  4. Herd immunity route is stupid because we still do not know the long-term effects of this virus. It is conceivable we could have an even bigger problem down the road because of the long-term effects
  5. Yes, I saw that to. Not liking the trends
  6. A record day today in Indiana. Numbers also going up fast across the country
  7. I'm expecting a 2020 style day after tomorrow type winter.
  8. 22 States with over a thousand cases yesterday. I hate to say it but we need to brace ourselves for tough times ahead until they can get a vaccine
  9. I'm hoping the projections are wrong but even if we keep at the current rate we will pass 300,000 easily
  10. Truthfully speaking I believe we need to shutdown before this virus gets out of control potentially. We will obviously need a real stimulus bill to do this though
  11. It appears this virus is starting to take off. Already over 40,000 cases for today and its Saturday. Its going to be a long winter folks
  12. Meteorological winter is just under two months away
  13. For whatever reason republicans refuses to do the common sense thing. I've literally lost track how many people I know that have died from this virus. How many more people are we willing to let die and die alone?
  14. Really sad how America is responding to this pandemic. Over 200,000 dead Americans and still no solid national plan that all the states can unite on.
  15. This is a major development. Have to wonder how people will respond to this news
  16. La nina can be fun depending on how strong the southeast ridge is
  17. If this virus reaches it's full potential another lockdown will be unavoidable.
  18. Midwest appears to be the new hot spot.
  19. Really worried this virus could explode in the coming weeks. Add to that flu season and its not looking good. Wonder how they will be able to tell the difference
  20. Got a feeling this winter will be better than the past couple of years which is not saying much
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