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  1. As contagious as this variant is we are going to need about 85-90 percent vaccination
  2. A good argument could be made for one. Especially come fall and winter
  3. It is just starting to affect this age group seriously. Hopefully it doesn't get too bad
  4. Just under 83k hospitalizations today. I just can't believe we are back at these levels again.
  5. Will take longer for deaths to peak because the patients are younger
  6. 81,183 in the hospital. The average age has come way down also
  7. Waters are really cooling in the northwest Pacific
  8. Back up to almost 80k hospitalizations. We all know how this works unfortunately. Expect deaths to climb dramatically in the coming weeks
  9. Same here. So much potential gone down the drain for my area. Can't win them all. Lol
  10. This fall and winter has me very concerned. Delta seems to very aggressive
  11. The almanac is legendary for its extraordinary accuracy
  12. Some really good looking supercells. This could get interesting
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