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  1. From northern Indiana "We then turn our attention to a deepening low moving through the upper Great Lakes. A warm front may lift in Tuesday morning, followed by a cold front in the evening. At this distance, conditions seem favorable for severe thunderstorms: bulk wind shear of 40-50 knots, low-level lapse rates near 9C/km and plenty of CAPE. Upper-level support locally appears favorable as well with the right entrance region of the 500-mb jet nearby. Check back for updates in the coming days."
  2. Appears Ida is still strengthening given the satellite presentation. This storm means business
  3. Major bust today. Mcs season will do that to you
  4. Trump needs to be in prison for the rest of his pathetic life
  5. Something needs to change in our political system in America because it is broken
  6. Biden really dropped the ball on this one but Trump made it possible. Nevertheless the buck stops with Biden.
  7. Appears another mcs is forming in northern Illinois
  8. Tomorrow has decent potential pending what happens with tonight's convention
  9. I'm just saying it seems most of our severe weather has been happening in August in recent years
  10. Short term models never do well in these setups
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