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  1. Hands down best snow I’ve seen all winter. Shame there’s a huge dry slot coming.
  2. LOTs current snow map. I'm thinking it's a bit too generous, but we still have time for good and bad changes. Temps appear likely to go above freezing area-wide Sunday, so we'll see.
  3. Well, doesn't look like this is going to be much of anything. GFS and GEM trending more toward the NAM than the other way around, which is disappointing.
  4. I would have preferred to cash in earlier, but I’ll take it whenever I can get it. I’m so sad it’s going to get above freezing soon!
  5. I'd be thrilled to get 3" - any more than that would be amazing. Sure, it's not going to get super cold afterward and it's going to be really wet with marginal temps, but, for me, anything beats the CAD I've had to endure the past 2 weeks.
  6. This has the potential to be my biggest storm of the month, so I'm definitely watching it closely.
  7. lake fluff really compacts fast
  8. We definitely overachieved here. Got up to 21.7.
  9. Pretty good. Plus, I'm sure you'll cash in over the next month.
  10. Which is what I have to tell myself to feel better about all the snow in Chicago. (It'll melt really Desperate!
  11. Y'all lighten up. Go enjoy your 2 feet of snow and learn to laugh.
  12. Clearly some of you aren't true weenies. True weenies would never hope for a torch.
  13. Yeah, you did better on almost every snow except one, I believe.
  14. As I said, relative to those around us. Everything is relative. And yeah, having not yet hit 30", I'm going to stick with not our winter. The fact Rockford managed to sneak out more is the real kicker.
  15. Looks like our forecasts weren't so bad, eh? I mean, I wanted so badly to be wrong, but this has clearly not been our winter (relative to those around us).
  16. As long as the rain/snow line sets up around I-90, then we can both get what we want.
  17. 2.25" in McHenry. Rockford got more. smdh.
  18. I will consider it a win if and when it happens.