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  1. They did drop the ball. They didn't act sooner. We shall see how this post holds up over time. Be part of the solution, not the problem.
  2. Well you can go outside your home for a walk or something. I'd say that's a low risk activity as long as you're respecting physical distance from others.
  3. Sustained at YYZ may seem low but gusts met criteria. Additionally, YTZ was 30-40 G 50-60 most of the event. Just need sustained or gusts over 40 Jan 2019 beats Feb 2013 for me because it happened during the day. Amounts were similar. But definitely the Dec 2013 ice storms wins this competition, with July 2013 floods a close second. 2013 was a busy year for Toronto.
  4. Jan 28, I have it recorded that visibility was 400 m or less from 1:15 pm to 3:45 pm, so about an hour and a half short I guess. Criteria is 4 or more consecutive hours of 400 m or less. Toronto island was under 600 m for nearly 6 hours which is pretty impressive. I believe downtown and midtown were hit hardest compared to YYZ and YTZ but we don't have visibility observations for the city centre itself. I got 35 cm at my place and I could barely see the house across the street for hours. Definitely my favourite storm I've ever experienced.
  5. We were one hour short of Blizzard conditions for the late Jan 2019 storm.
  6. I ended up with 6" on the nose here in midtown Toronto on my snowboard, seems to line up nicely with other reports in the area. Chance for a glancing snow squall sideswiping us tomorrow, but I am not expecting anything too exciting. The gusts this morning have been impressive though, some snow blowing around off buildings.
  7. Yeah it's been a bit disappointing. 6" over a 24 hour period is way less exciting than over a 6-12 hour period.
  8. Big returns pushing in from the south. Will be a nail biter.
  9. The 3km NAM is a dream. I think 6-8" seems like a reasonable call but my cautious side thinks 6" seems feasible. I would love some bonus lake effect though.
  10. Whenever people from Ottawa visit me in Toronto during the winter or spring they always talk about how "tropical" our weather feels in comparison haha
  11. 6" seems like a reasonable call for Toronto at this point, I'll take it.
  12. Yeah I agree, honestly I just wanted one more 4"+ before the season wraps up. I'm more interested in the wind and blowing snow potential with this one than the snowfall amounts. I think we will need to get really lucky to be in the sweet spot for big amounts like that without precip issues affecting amounts. I wouldn't be surprised to see Ottawa and Montreal get hit harder.
  13. 18Z GFS does some wild stuff, I'm a bit skeptical of such an amplified solution. I'd feel more confident riding the 12Z ECMWF with a 5-6" call for most of Toronto. Wouldn't be surprised to see some precip issues with this one.
  14. I think it stayed in effect due to the surprise model shift for the overnight into Friday period for some snow (RGEM had potentially 4")
  15. Almost every single model had 4-8" falling during the commutes on Thursday into Friday. The special weather statement made sense IMO, it just didn't pan out. Models blew this one. Even ensemble prediction had a fairly high probability of 10+ cm. EC alerts based on vulnerability, not just amounts. 5-10 cm during rush hour in a major city has higher impacts than 15 cm on a weekend. The point is to alert people so that they can alter their behaviour (e.g. work from home on that day). Sometimes it doesn't pan out. I'm really frustrated with how the storm turned out also. I sure wasn't expecting barely 3" from the two waves.