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  1. Yeah, super cold event. It was ripping +SN here in the single digits/low teens...all the while it was spring in Missouri.
  2. We had a really good run from Feb 2007 thru March a few winters. Might be the best run LAF has ever seen. Good times. When I get time, I may have to rank my favorites in this here thread.
  3. We got 9" from the Dec 11, 2000 storm here...was forecasted for lower amounts due to mixing that never materialized. And then 2 days later we got 6" with another storm. Thereafter, like Hoosier said, it seemed like it snowed every day that month. It was quite a wintry scene through the end of that month. And then winter ended. Didn't get warm, but we went bone dry.
  4. Trailing band over us now, cotton balls falling. Best will be just to the north of here, but whoever gets under these bands for a time will do relatively well.
  5. Dec-Mar 2013-14 is the coldest on record for Chicago. In the global warming era to boot. The 82.0" measured is the 3rd highest in history. Really it was the 2nd highest, due to measuring snafus at ORD. Calling the 13-14 winter "decent" is the definition of insanity. Won't see another winter like that around here, for a very long time.
  6. Nice band on radar, just missing here to the north by mere miles. Looks like whoever gets under that, wins the derby in the LOT CWA. Think Hoosier has a good chance. We did better than expected here yesterday morning, so guess we can't win them all.
  7. Some real nice bursts of snow here this morning. Snow globe at times. Everything covered up. Regardless of real cold air, wintry appeal the next couple of days. Better than nothing....
  8. Parachutes. Really coming down at the moment. Kind of a fun little event.
  9. Snowing here. So we’ve completed the winter trifecta today.
  10. Lol, I saw that. I’m sure Chad’s all over it...
  11. Nice pic. Was just out in the back listening to the trees crack in the wind. Not comforting.
  12. Finally made it to 32˚ here at my house, a couple of hours ago...and been that way since. No melting. Of course, just read LOT's AFD and they said all the ice melted south of I-80. Just took this shot of the gf's car. Totally encased.
  13. What's up Josh. Don't have as much time anymore, but when things get interesting, I'll stop in.