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  1. Cool, thanks. Like I said in the other post, I know they played with the numbers a bit, but going up almost a full degree for every month is, interesting. Of course, maybe the values on xmACIS aren't the real/official numbers or something. Don't know...
  2. 2.13" total in the stratus. Thankfully this abomination is over. Looking forward to a nice dry week.
  3. I was looking at the new normals for ORD, and noticed something interesting I guess. I went to xmACIS and ran the numbers for the 30 year period, and the mean values on there are a bit different than what NOAA is going with the new official normals. Straight mean average temps are 0.9 cooler on xmACXIS versus NOAA. Precipitation is basically the same. Snowfall is an inch difference. I'm not saying there's a conspiracy or anything, and I know they like to "massage" the normals, but the average temps are kinda especially different. Maybe RC has some intel on the process here... Month: Avg Temp NOAA (xmACIS)...Precip NOAA (xmACIS)...Snowfall NOAA (xmACIS) January: 25.2 (24.2)...1.99 (1.98)...11.3 (11.7) February: 28.8 (27.8)...1.97 (1.97)...10.7 (9.8) March: 39.0 (38.1)...2.45 (2.45)...5.5 (5.1) April: 49.7 (48.8)...3.75 (3.75)...1.3 (1.3) May: 60.6 (59.7)...4.49 (4.49) June: 70.6 (69.7)...4.10 (4.12) July: 75.4 (74.6)...3.71 (3.71) August: 73.8 (73.0)...4.25 (4.24) September: 66.3 (65.5)...3.19 (3.19) October: 54.0 (53.2)...3.43 (3.43)...0.2 (0.2) November: 41.3 (40.4)...2.42 (2.42)...1.8 (1.8) December: 30.5 (29.6)...2.11 (2.10)...7.6 (7.6) Annual: 51.3 (50.4)...37.86 (37.85)...38.4 (37.4)
  4. Nope, no lightning here. Just a cold cold rain...currently 38.8˚ and pouring. After the past couple of weeks worth of rain, don't want to hear about any drought nonsense here.
  5. That random 0.1” around IKK. Regardless of the snow, what an awful cold wet storm for almost mid May.
  6. I ran a 5K and drank a 12 pack of Two Hearted Ale after my shot. But for real, I had about a 12 hour period of feeling tired and sluggish the day after my shot. But by evening I was good to go. Arm was sore for about 2-3 days. Everyone is different though...
  7. Always pull for drought, lol. Summer monsoon in IKK is as big of a lock as Chad Evans calling for a hot summer. This spring has been nice so far, with no big rain events here. But, 1.68" in my stratus yesterday. Though I'm sure your beloved drought monitor will still show impending doom.
  8. We had a guy who wore shorts all the time. Didn’t matter the temperature. And I’m being serious. But he eventually went into management, so now it all makes sense. Cold monsoon continues here. I don’t want to see anymore drought crap for around here for awhile...
  9. Front moved thru here. Rather abrupt temp change. My shorts not working so well now. Thought it was going to hold off until later in the afternoon/evening.
  10. Of course after my last post, snow has picked in intensity. Grass getting almost all covered. Roof tops accumulating too.
  11. Not unless rates pick up here. Just been a steady light snow all morning. Some slushy accums on the grass tips, stairs, etc...but nothing too great.
  12. Snowing here now. Just gonna be a white rainer though...
  13. Anyways, 12z NAM is an acceptable outcome. If we're going to do this...then let's really do this.
  14. Getting the J&J vaccine on Friday at Walgreens. Parents have had their first and are coming up on their second. GF and her mom fully vaccinated too. So my closest circle is about complete.
  15. On a scale from 1 to 10, today is a 0. F*ck this weather.