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  1. Worst start to met spring I can recall. Seriously awful weather. And more f*cking rain in the forecast for the next 7 days. Hope we go full on drought this summer! Though I know better because all it does is rain here.
  2. 32.4" 4.3" on 0.23" liquid is my final for the event. Fluff job. Ready for some warmth now though...
  3. In IKK too. Just took the dogs out and went and measured 3.8". And still snowing. Nice surprise.
  4. If it's going to snow now...this is how you do it I guess. Totals are from two systems in the next 10 days.
  5. Looks like a fairly minor event, but models all over the place. NAM brings the first part pretty far north, and then uninterested with the "main" storm. GFS continues with its idea. GEFS a bump north. Canadian is paltry and has took a step back. And last but not least, in this 12z cycle so far, the Ukie has gone way north and puts down 3-5" even up here.
  6. Nah. This one will be more spread the wealth.
  7. lol, nice...good luck. I haven't gone out to check. Going to wait until it stops to do my final. And shovel out the driveway...
  8. Yeah, this was all action from start to finish. Wind added something to this one too. Of course, I'd take another GHD III as well.
  9. My two snow lovers in the backyard.
  10. Got home about 15 minutes ago. Took several measurements (lots of drifting) and came up with 4.2". Pretty much been an inch per hour since it started.
  11. Getting close to a block visibility right now. Just pounding since it began. Too bad this storm is a quick mover…
  12. Different breed down there. We haven’t missed a day up here, including GHD III.
  13. Drifting is gonna be bad. Not a wet snow like LOT was thinking…
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