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  1. Very large limb down off one of my trees. Just missed the house, thankfully. Had a brief uptick in big winds, along with a close lightning strike. Not sure which one got the tree. Pool has a ton of leaves too. Rest of the neighborhood is littered with your usual high wind small limb damage.
  2. lol, I'll own that. All good here though. Was put under a FF Warning at 4:30 yesterday...and ended up with 0.25" total. To my south and southeast, not so good though. Saw a report of 7.76" from Kentland IN. That's a lot of water, in a short amount of time.
  3. Wouldn’t be summer without Hoosier calling for drought and endless heat. He’s the summer version of winter JB. This dry stretch has been fantastic though. Keep it coming.
  4. Trees down on my route. And not just small trees, soMe big ‘ems going down. Couple of streets closed because of them. This is kinda dangerous.
  5. Tired of it. My neighbors have servo pro over cleaning their basement. Dumpster in the driveway because they had to throw everything away. And we’re doing it all again. Enough is enough. IKK can’t take anymore. It’s disgusting.
  6. Welp, time to get over to my parent's house and starting pumping water...again. IKK going to get absolutely crushed...again. Over and over. Year after year. This weather freaking blows.
  7. Total and complete devastation here. Going to pull an all-nighter to try to save my parents basement. Thought installing the sub pump in 2015 would help, but this has overwhelmed it. This is sickening. So f*cking tired of this, year after year...
  8. Nope, can’t handle anymore. Another 2-4” will pretty much finish things. Juggling working 12 hour days and helping my parents suck water out of their basement is tiring. And they have a sump pump. This is going on 6 years of unprecedented rainfall in IKK. Need a drought badly...
  9. Can’t say I hate my spot for this one. Slight tick north would be cool too.
  10. Pretty much the same for me. As some of you may know, I'm a letter carrier for USPS. So yeah, we're essential. My office has gone above and beyond with trying to protect us, to the greatest extent you can doing the job we do. N95 masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc are readily available for all employees. Trucks are sanitized daily. Cases, where we do our inside morning work, are sanitized several times a day. Work room floor is bleached after we leave for the street. Sneeze guards have been installed at the front windows. I've read several stories of Post Offices not doing a lot to help their employees stay safe during these times, but just wanted to say my office is certainly not one of those. Probably helps that my post master is a verified germaphobe. As far as doing my daily job, I literally touch thousands of things a the challenge is sorta daunting if you think about it. Most of us do the majority of our work outdoors (residential), so wearing a mask isn't really necessary (not a lot of human interaction). And even with the times we do have to come into "contact" with customers, we've taken different steps to protect us and them. I think the biggest thing I've been trying to do is refrain from touching my face. Amazing really how many times a day you do such a thing, lol. Basically, after I deliver a relay, I go back to the truck and sanitize my hands before doing the next relay. Wash, rinse and repeat all day. I've never been a germaphobe type, so this is definitely a different way of life for me these days lol. But, got to be smart about the situation. My GF works at one of the local hospitals, so we both have our challenges, to say the least. We aren't seeing our parents for the time being, other than doing grocery or medicine runs for them...and then dropping the stuff off at their homes on the porch. They're cool with that, as we've told them we just want them to stay healthy and safe...which both sets have done their best by staying home. Driving them nuts, but essentially required in these times. When we get home to our house, we don't burn our clothes or anything , but just change out. It's just us two and the dogs, so we try to be a little level headed, lol. Anyways, enough rambling. Just wanted to share my story. For those still working on the "front lines" at grocery stores, hospitals, factories etc etc...I thank you. Try to be safe, and we all hope we can get through this healthy in the end.
  11. 5.5" was my final. Awesome.
  12. 4.5” in February. This one will be the winner.
  13. Roads have caved. 4.5” here. Still coming down. We got a shot at 6” I think.