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  1. So I’m heading to Kiawah Island from 5/11 - 5/18 for a much needed vacation. Can anyone give me a summary of what to expect weather wise next week.
  2. I believe the factory I’m in uses the WISH storm Tracker radar. It’s also been depicting all snow over Indy. But looking at the obs I do see they are saying freezing rain Whatever... it’s gonna be a long slow trip home either way.
  3. Ehh.. just the radar they have here at work. It’s been showing the fzrn/snow line somewhere between Decatur and Marion county. So you’re telling me I’m going to skating all the way back to the west side of Indy! That’s just perfect.
  4. I’m currently at work in Greensburg In and the FZRN is falling fast and furious. Going to make for an interesting drive back to Indy in a couple hours. Looks like Indy is mostly snow right now on radar. KIND still wording their updates as though it’s not going to be much of an event. Hmmm, I don’t know about that.
  5. A really cool photo of Florence as she’s making landfall.
  6. As of 0430 the IR returns are showing her SW quad has become much better organized. Looking very menacing at the moment.
  7. Yeah I was just looking at that too. Kinda blossomed into some serious energy outta nothing.
  8. Yesterday about 4pm on the west side of Indy we had about a 10min span of very gusty winds, combined with the already saturated ground it was enough force to fell a 40ft ash tree on my property. Barely missed landing on my neighbors house and car.
  9. This is the most prolonged period of heavy snow I’ve seen in Indianapolis for many years.
  10. KIND upgraded to a WSW for Indianapolis as of the 4:10 update.
  11. The bulk of snow is falling south of Indianapolis. Heavy snow in Bloomington now.
  12. freezing rain in Indianapolis for the past hour with temp currently at 28. Just came up I-74 from s/e Indiana and can tell you that the roads are getting pretty dicey around here. Expecting the changeover to snow by 6am, this mornings commute in Central Indiana will be tough going to say the least.
  13. Well looks like the only thing that’s guaranteed is another shot of frigid polar air to reinforce my bitter disappointment in this winters weather.
  14. KIND update as of 0400 Short term focus is a potential high impact winter storm Friday into Saturday. The responsible upper level trough has only now come onshore to be sampled by the RAOB network, and significant spread in model solutions continues to create a lower confidence forecast. The GFS in recent runs has been somewhat of an outlier with a far more progressive and easterly solution than the bulk of the remaining model suite, with the Euro (at least until the latest run) and the Canadian among the more consistent solutions, clustering around a more developed, slower, and thus further west solution, which would generally be expected with a system that looks to take on a fairly strong negative tilt. Per national and regional coordination discussions, continue to favor a somewhat more westerly consensus track. Thanks to WPC for the coordination call tonight. At this time, thoughts are to expect high potential for rain Thursday into Thursday evening, with transition to a wintry mix beginning from the northwest late Thursday night and overspreading the area into Friday morning, with colder air continuing the transition to snow by Friday evening. This would likely mean some sleet and perhaps some light icing from freezing rain prior to the changeover to snow. A general model consensus places the axis of highest snowfall amounts over the eastern half of the forecast area and into ILN and LMK`s Indiana counties as well. Interestingly, this aligns fairly well with some of the stronger analogs for this event, including late December 2004 and early January 1996, which were both significant snowfall producers for the region. While it remains somewhat soon to start nailing down specific ranges given the model uncertainty, the eastern half or so of central Indiana looks at this time to be in a region favorable for warning criteria or higher snowfall amounts, although again, small changes in model solutions could significantly shift this axis. Main message at this point remains that there is strong potential for a significant high impact winter storm somewhere in the region Friday into Saturday, and residents of central Indiana should be prepared for this potential as details hopefully become clearer over the next 24 to 48 hours.