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  1. So that wraps it up in Indianapolis on the accumulating snow. Almost 12 full hours of heavy snow.
  2. 9+ hours straight rippin here Indy and its still going strong. Looks like another 1.5 - 2 hours of full on winter storm. This is awesome!
  3. Nearly whiteout conditions here on the west side of Indy. Just clocked a gust at 28mph. Steady out of the n/e at 22 currently.
  4. Hoping that huge dry slot stays s/e of Indy.
  5. Decatur Co, Ind (40 miles s/e of Indy) has issued a snow emergency due to extreme snowfall and whiteout conditions. All county plows will be pulled until the winds subside, only emergency vehicles allowed on the streets. Request citizens with snowmobiles to contact the county emergency management. it’s getting real in southeast Indiana.
  6. 2:45pm Indianapolis: 14f, snow, 17mph N the drifting is going to be quite an issue tonight. Local mets are starting to use the blizzard word. Don’t know if it’ll technically be that bad, but it’s pretty ferocious out there currently and the heavy stuff is still to our SW.
  7. Yeah that was the original thought but I’ll tell ya it’s absolutely ripping at 1:30pm and from the looks of the radar, it ain’t gonna slow down anytime soon.
  8. The main snow event is now underway here on the west side of Indianapolis. This could be one to remember
  9. Just made the drive from southeast Indiana to the west side of Indianapolis along I-74. Mostly it was fine grains of light snow but when I hit the Indy metro the flakes were good sized and coming down at a decent rate.
  10. So I’m heading to Kiawah Island from 5/11 - 5/18 for a much needed vacation. Can anyone give me a summary of what to expect weather wise next week.
  11. I believe the factory I’m in uses the WISH storm Tracker radar. It’s also been depicting all snow over Indy. But looking at the obs I do see they are saying freezing rain Whatever... it’s gonna be a long slow trip home either way.
  12. Ehh.. just the radar they have here at work. It’s been showing the fzrn/snow line somewhere between Decatur and Marion county. So you’re telling me I’m going to skating all the way back to the west side of Indy! That’s just perfect.
  13. I’m currently at work in Greensburg In and the FZRN is falling fast and furious. Going to make for an interesting drive back to Indy in a couple hours. Looks like Indy is mostly snow right now on radar. KIND still wording their updates as though it’s not going to be much of an event. Hmmm, I don’t know about that.
  14. A really cool photo of Florence as she’s making landfall.