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  1. Hey, I've driven through Altoona. It was a place :p
  2. Light freezing rain (sidewalk has a nice crunchy slickness goin on) in camp hill at the moment. Id rather have snow back thank you
  3. Left for work at the store in Carlisle and made it to the exit before mine and met this blocking most of the north bound lane (there was another two tractor trailers behind them off on either side) and then got the call that the store was closing and to head home. Of course :p This was around 11:00am
  4. Sleeting *really* heavily in Camp Hill now. Started about 5mins ago but forgot to post :p
  5. Bring it! Cause not gonna lie I was sorta getting nervous for having called out from work lol
  6. Looks like on the NWS radar loop the dry slot Harrisburg has been in is starting to fill in.
  7. Yea, it just has not stopped. Even when the radar hasnt shown anything its still kept going
  8. Pretty heavy mix of sleet and freezing rain falling in Camp Hill.
  9. Radarscope has a pretty good option for it for mobile. not sure on computer
  10. Hoping that heavy band of returns down near hagerstown can make it up to the camp hill area. It was ripping here like 15-20mins ago but has slowed down again