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  1. This should be ****ing illegal...Im dead and I only mowed the front yard
  2. Well gotta say today was a complete dud for rain...
  3. Some of us are close to breaking out into sun
  4. Suns out in Camp Hill. Wonder if there's still enough time for heating for anything decent. I'd kill for a nice thunderstorm with some good lightning and thunder blasts
  5. Figured today would be a good day for yard work. Not so much its nasty out
  6. Yea I sat outside from like 9-930 watching the lightning. Damn impressive show! Then was like welp nothing for us time to go to bed and then got my ass woken up from 10-11. We had the puppy in bed with us the lightning and thunder was just non-stop lol.
  7. Sorry yea I meant severe based on winds not sure how they rate on hail alone
  8. Actually sneaky line of hail might impact Mechanicsburg hopefully everyone is home from jubilee day
  9. Looks like the worst is the Newport Duncanon Middletown line probably some hail based on coefficient returns and decent wind gusts but probably not severe
  10. The rotation from Ickesburg to New Bloomfield was impressive then died. Honestly was getting a bit worried
  11. Not a cold winter and pretty sure we had a wet spring...bugs gonna be BAD. And they have been bad
  12. Hmm apparently my weather station hasnt been reporting for 3 days. Welp...not fixing it tonight lol
  13. The line does seem to be filling in a bit as it sags into State College area. Wonder if it'll survive to Harrisburg or completely skip us again
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