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  1. I guess the cloud cover we kept for most of the day did hinder things. Lots of rain and some wind but between Carlisle and camp Hill no thunder or lightning
  2. Yes if the clouds clear out things could get interesting
  3. Derp I was looking at the graphic from another storm
  4. Thought it was supposed to start raining this morning...still dry here in carlisle
  5. Tornado watch up for most of the state
  6. What a dreary day. Better than tornadoes I guess
  7. Flakes falling in Carlisle
  8. Seems like freezing rain from camp Hill to Carlisle. Walmart parking lot down here is a sheet of ice
  9. Left Carlisle at 7:10 just got to camp hill. Roads were atrocious and it was snowing *hard*
  10. Anduril

    Central PA - Winter 2018-19

    Are we still looking at a 2-3pm ish start time for this storm in the Harrisburg/Carlisle area? That's when my staff change over happens at the store so just trying to juggle whether to tell peeps to stay home or not
  11. Anduril

    Central PA - Winter 2018-19

    Only weather weanies can be excited to see this lol
  12. Anduril

    Central PA - Winter 2018-19

    Daaaaamn...that'd be balls cold 0_o
  13. Anduril

    Central PA - Winter 2018-19

    I'm torn on this weekend. As a weanie I want a monster storm but I also work all weekend so...yeah...also guess I'm one of the youngings at 34
  14. Anduril

    Central PA Fall 2018

    In terms of Turnpike plows on my hour and a half to two hours heading west bound on it I saw zero plows on the west bound size but there was multiple convoys of plows on the east bound lanes. Granted...obviously biased sampling there but Im pretty sure they have crews to cover both sides *EDIT* And based on how they typically travel in waves I should have passed or come upon one on the west bound side just by simple logic