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  1. You couldnt pay me to florida Summer here is bad enough
  2. Said to my wife it had to be lake effect bands with the wind and looking at the radar yes it's ripping in upstate areas
  3. There was a decent burst of snow through camp hill around 615p. Made it almost feel like winter
  4. So uh...whats the best way to remove this frozen shart sleet? Ice melt and then shovel? lol
  5. Looks like the end of the storm has finally made it into western PA
  6. Guess its a good weekend to run out of fuel oil, eh? Not that I'd just discovered this...ahem
  7. Can we just not with this fog? I thought people couldnt drive when it rained but damn
  8. Good lord thats a vomit map. I mean, I guess we have to give them props for finally putting out graphics that are higher resolution than 640x480 but oof
  9. Ironically the wife and I were at Home Depot buying a snow blower as the flurries were dropping. I figured it was a sign
  10. The wind was def blowing weird on the drive up I81. Feels like a spring storm brewing up
  11. Sounds like some decent storms rolling through State College