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  1. Ironically the wife and I were at Home Depot buying a snow blower as the flurries were dropping. I figured it was a sign
  2. The wind was def blowing weird on the drive up I81. Feels like a spring storm brewing up
  3. Sounds like some decent storms rolling through State College
  4. Im ok with this the up coming heatwave if we have lightning storms like the other day...if not...pass this shit back southplease
  5. I didn't see any hail but my boss who lives in Mt Holly had it's fence taken down, carport jacked up and lost eight windows in his attic to the storm. Think he said there was 7k without power last night the storm really juiced up once it passed Carlisle
  6. Man this is what Im talking about non-stop lightning for the past hour and 40mins in Carlisle. beautiful
  7. Maybe we'll atleast eke out some steady rain cause at this point we need it
  8. I think we're going to see another day of Lancaster and areas east seeing nice storms the rest of us will just get to watch the clouds go by
  9. Its funny after all the rain we had in june but damn...I could really use some rain. My lawns starting to look pretty rough
  10. Muggy out. Glad i got the yardwork done yesterday
  11. Man the cell that just went through Carlisle was legit. Actually had some rotation in it on radar as well. Rain started from one side then flipped wee-wee more storms more