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  1. New Meso out for many of our areas (maybe cutting out I-81 corridor S of Harrisburg) WPC_MD0877
  2. Dry slot starting to fill in a bit...see what we can pickup
  3. It is a pretty serious dryslot...thank god this hasnt been snow! lol
  4. Oh I know I was one of the "assholes" driving 20-30mph on the way home from Carlisle today. Had plenty of people in pickup trucks swing out and pass me at 40-60 and then almost spin out as they hit drifts/piles from plows.
  5. Know of any news article for that? Wife has alot of family up that way
  6. Interesting. Wunderground really cut back my totals saying only another 5-8in of snow through daybreak. Still be a good storm but not a monster like the models were showing. Are we really looking at dryslotting that bad or switching totally to sleet?
  7. Closed my store at 4pm today and left Carlisle up the Pike and it was pretty rough going. Snow rates were pretty impressive once I finally got into Mechanicsburg. Def would not recommend going out unless ya absolutely have to at this point
  8. Man, figures I get sucked into playing Cyberpunk 2077 and sleep and come back to three pages to read through 0_o lets bring this storm home!
  9. Good lord I swear the wind after the front is stronger than the front itself. its howling
  10. As normal, north and south of camp hill/harrisburg looks to walloped but not so much here :p already sounds like the rains cut down vs the driving rain a minute or two ago
  11. Yea, the weather really was incredible. Cold crisp mornings and then absolutely stunning afternoons and then nice crisp evenings again. I'd be happy with this weather most of the year honestly. Except for winter...then we need like 12in of snow every few days :p And a bunch of strong (but not damaging) thunderstorms throughout the summer. yeaaa....dreams
  12. Welp finally ordered a Ambient Weather WS-2902C. Be interesting to see how it works (and installs). Also cant believe this is the only post since friday afternoon (?!?) We all out enjoying the weather? heh
  13. Perfect weather today for putting insulation up in the attic. So. much. fun