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Christmas Eve Mega Front Disco/Obs

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4 minutes ago, wxinVA said:

Gorgeous moderate snow in Bealeton today. I haven't been paying attention so I had no idea we would see this.



Amazing how close I was to that.  Models nailed that one 

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Just now, HighStakes said:

Getting a nice little burst.

Send it here please!

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A few flurries on and off. Curiously, as much as I love snow, it's no bigger deal to me if it happens on Christmas than on any other day. Definitely in the minority there I suppose. Maybe because last year at this time, we were in Paris, which is the way to spend the holidays. That was worth 10 at-home Christmases with accumulating snows, or five Christmases with blizzards. Sure glad we went last year before COVID showed up. One of those trips when even though you know how much fun you're having at the time, in retrospect, you still think you weren't appreciating it enough while you were there. 

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1 hour ago, Z-Cast said:


Rippage out here in Bealeton, VA! Been going on since 10AM


Wow another person from Bealeton. Never expect to see that. 

And just like that, the skies have cleared and it's now sunny.

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