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Last Hurrah Obs Thread: 3/13-15/23


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Here in Townsend MA (310') we flipped to snow around 10 PM, then back to rain/mix for an hour or more around 3 AM, then back to snow. 5" OTG (measured it on the old snow) with S at 32.5F. I figure we'll accumulate about half of what the N ORH hills does. Seems that the rain/snow line corresponds well to the NAM 925 MB -0.5C isotherm at least at lower elevations. Power is already flickering.

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16 minutes ago, TalcottWx said:

Radar is filling in over NW CT and moving east. Maybe I'm delusional, but I think that will be pretty short-lived in far northern CT.

It’s not that you won’t snow, I just don’t know how much sticks if it’s not pretty heavy, later this morning. 

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30 minutes ago, dendrite said:

Salem NH RWIS is 36° and the mixing line is crawling slowly north still toward the NH coast so my guess is no. 

Salem now at 30 . Huge difference in snow less than a mile away.

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6 minutes ago, Sey-Mour Snow said:

Back to heavy snow, radar lighting up over western CT. 32.9 still only a light coating.. 

Heavy snow down there? Nice! Sitting at 34⁰ here. I can see snow up on the hill, just drizzle here...

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17 minutes ago, ROOSTA said:

I asked jokingly in jest, as a fellow member and friend.
One thing I've learned over the years now especially removed 1200 miles is not to become emotionally invested. It's not easy to accomplish.

Especially this season for me.  Too many other things to focus my attention on.

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