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  1. The Winter that never ends. May is gonna be brutal.
  2. thanks for the info. Good to see them adhering to the Governor's order.
  3. well we had two separate places booked for this weekend one in Chittendon and the other up near Burlington. Both cancelled and both places told us they weren't booking until mid June.
  4. May have to get some green paint. lol
  5. Great, VT seems to be in very good shape.
  6. I hope they open, we booked a place in Chitendon back in Jan for the weekend 5/1-5/2
  7. another 3" for 64 on the season and another one to measure on Sat morning.
  8. Wow, just got home from work. Drove rt2 W from Fit to Gardner visibility was less than 1000' cars off the road, getting slick fast, no Sanders at all. Its gonna get ugly on 2.
  9. at work in The Burg, starting to spit.
  10. I agree, I mean we still have work. Two buildings connected with 60 employees. At least we got an email from HR 10 days ago basically telling us to wash our hands. Oh and we all of the sudden became "essential employees" last week. and I work for a state run agency.
  11. 4" will put me and Hubb above 60" on the season.
  12. 1.97 - 2.03 out my way.
  13. My son lives in SLC and my daughter is out there visiting him right now. I called her earlier no answer got nervous so I called him he answered and both are alright. Bad enough she was supposed to fly home today but her flight got cancelled due to C19. She rescheduled to fly home overnight and now that flight may be cancelled due to the earthquake. This really sucks.