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  1. right on par with the area, 15" new total of 25" in two days. Base of 25-35" Great start of the season.
  2. that's right around our totals. Seems fair. I'm downtown, looks are deceiving, driving in looked like some decent totals in W Burg.
  3. I was at 24.5" but i'm sure there's an inch or two since last measurement at 7:30am (14"). I'm at work in The Burg doesn't look like as much as us further W, still a good dumping. Double over-performer.
  4. 25 and ripping pretty good here. Just measured 4.25" additional since this mornings 10.5" reading...
  5. Wow nice birthday memory to have. 16F milky white sky with bits of filtered sun. Got that quiet before the storm feel we all know and love. Woodstove cranking, refrigerator stocked, and ready to rock.
  6. Ya I came to the realization that my son is a better skier than me about 4yrs ago. It was a sad day.
  7. My son was 4 when we took him out for the 1st time. Signed him up for the half day beginner kids program at Mt Snow. He loved it and is quite the skier now at 21. He even works in the industry at Park City.
  8. Well after a steady run of 32 years skiing every season, I have no choice but to take this season off. I had TKR (Total Knee Replacement) surgery 5wks ago on 10/9. Fully aware I was going to miss this season. I am on the long road to recovery and by next season i'll be itching to get out there but I'm going to have to tone down my craziness when on the mountain which means no more jumps and bumps for this old kid. I hope you all have a great season, it appears to be off to a decent start with natural and pristine snow making conditions.
  9. Hey Kevin, thanks for doing this...sign me up.
  10. Awesome job Kevin looks great.
  11. well that makes much more sense. lol
  12. Wow most of us interior MA folks are in the 45-49" range on the season except for wxmanmitch in Lenox 116" more than double.
  13. Cool, good for him, my 18yr old daughter is shift supervisor in rentals.