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  1. Need some help up here in northern Middlesex. Sitting at about 0.1 for the day. Dodging every cell.
  2. That was fun. Sunshine to ripping snow with 20 foot visibility then back to sunshine in 20 minutes.
  3. 2008 was a disaster here. A week without power. The great generator search (I drove to the Cape to get one at Home Depot). When I built my current house in 2012, a whole house, natural gas, generator was at the top of my list of requirements.
  4. Is there a PNS? All I get on BOX is that awful map thing.
  5. This band will end up verifying the forecast for my area. Been adding 2 inches and hour for a few hours now.
  6. Best snow growth of the day here now. Let’s see how long it hangs around.
  7. I’m in 26dbz stuff now. Just need one more nudge.
  8. I’m outside playing with the kids. Not only is it snowing - it’s frigid. I love super cold storms.
  9. Radar has me on the north side of this but we just picked back up to moderate snow.
  10. My aunt is sending me pictures from Bridgewater. Insanity. Cars buried.
  11. Huge bust up here. They have me in the second red area, so 24. I won’t make it to 14.
  12. Slowing down considerably here. Might struggle to hit a foot.
  13. I’m 10 miles too far west. Enjoy everyone. I’ll probably end up with 14 or so here. 7 on the ground now.
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