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  1. Out with the kids. Perfect weather.
  2. Looks like the GFS still calling for rain around sun-down? NAM looks clear. Both still show it being pretty breezy.
  3. It's pretty easy to test for chinch bugs. They have a little white star pattern on their back - you can google for it. Spray some water with some soap in it and trap some in a glass. If it is chinch, don't treat it yourself. Hire a good fertilizer company to come out and do it. They will use the correct amount and put you on a program. I had them when we first built our house, they absolutely will wipe out an entire lawn, weeds and all.
  4. My wife was down there at a hotel on that property a couple weeks ago. Gone now.
  5. I was going to ask if there is a sprinkler head basically right against the bed there. That looks like a fungal issue to me, and looks like the pattern of how a sprinkler head would water. July and early August are usually really bad for fungal growth because of the humid nights. Watering at 1am is pretty much the worst time you can water. How did this look when it first started? Was it smaller sections that joined together to make that larger section? Check this out and see if anything rings a bell. Tell-tale fungal signs are the mycelium in the morning dew. Good news is that you can fight most fungal issues through good maintenance practices (don't mow too short, water at good times, etc) and they are usually treatable with fungicide.
  6. My plan is to do my over-seeding on the 7th/8th of September.
  7. Had my dollar spot treated with a fungicide. It’s already starting to grow out pretty well. This is the second year in a row this has happened in mid to late July. Next year I may just do a preventative treatment in early July.
  8. Had my fertilizer guy out today and he confirmed my suspicion of dollar spot in my yard. Fungicide going down next week.
  9. I thought I had it bad too but then yesterday I noticed the little dew webs in the morning. They look like spider webs but vanish in the sun. Dollar Spot. I’m only watering once a week at this point, but I guess even that’s too much with this overnight humidity. Irrigation is off for now.
  10. Looks like my Sawyer Beetle up thread. Check out my photo and see if it’s the same. I actually sent my photo into the state for confirmation and they said it was a Sawyer Beetle.
  11. I’ve had situations like this. The leaves are still on the shrub but essentially detached/dead. The plant has focused downward after transplant and abandoned those leaves. A good rain comes along and knocks them all off at once.
  12. Quickly. A month of growth for a nest could easily be hundreds of YJs or more. You could also pay someone to take care of it. My daughter stepped on a sprinkler box cover and got chased by a swarm last year. I couldn’t get near the thing without them coming out. I hired someone. He wasn’t messing around when he came out. What he pulled out filled the entire valve box. Probably the size of two footballs. He said we caught it early, maybe two weeks old.
  13. Yeah how much water? You might have overdone it. The good news is that it’s likely ok, you’ll know next spring. Some plants just focus on the their roots when they are transplanted and deleaf. This is especially true when it’s hot like this.
  14. Probably transplant stress. How much were you watering it?