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  1. Still an impressive amount here in Westford given we’ve been in that hole all morning. Must have been some good overnight rates. I didn’t measure, but there’s a spotter in town that had us at 9” this morning at 6. I would guess another 1 or 2 inches since then and still some light snow going on.
  2. I’m between the bands right now, 10 miles to my north and south. Congrats to those that got stuck in that band. Epic stuff.
  3. Power out in Westford. Light snow here. Between bands.
  4. Are those BOX rain maps in need of an update? They seem 10x too high for most eastern areas.
  5. What does the timing in MA look like? I was expecting an all day Tuesday thing but the models now seem to be showing the primary impact Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday morning.
  6. That cell last night was really odd. I was under 50 dbz on the radar, constant lightning, but not a single drop of rain. How does that happen?
  7. Ok. Good news for me. It’s absolutely dumping here now.
  8. Looks like another cell is going to form right over my head. Which means the folks just to my east will get some nice rain. The way it goes this summer.
  9. Is this stuff over central MA moving due East or slightly to the NE? I can’t tell.
  10. Someone put some rain in a bucket and mail it to me. It might be my only shot. And yes, I’m melting over this.
  11. Same here except it was under a mile. At least my town water supply got a drink.
  12. Another day - another soaking for everyone within 5 miles of my house in all directions, but nothing here. All I’m asking for is a third or an inch or so. Is that unreasonable?