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  1. Moderate snow here. Sleet line is about 5 miles south of me.
  2. Snowing good here but I’m not so sure about cancelling school. Roads are dry right now and things look to be clear by dismissal. My town did the right thing and waited until the morning. And then they made the wrong call. Too bad for my son who had a school party today.
  3. Surprising here. We had about 10 on the ground yesterday morning according to our in-town spotter. Probably added a couple during the day yesterday and I just removed at least 6 more from the driveway just now. That band that came through in the morning meant business. The HRRR had it for a while yesterday but then lost the idea last night.
  4. Yeah the bulk of this For eastern areas is in the early morning tomorrow. Not overnight.
  5. I think most would like this HRRR to verify. It just spins for 6 hours tomorrow morning.
  6. That’s a different solution. It takes forever to develop then just goes to town in the gulf, even backing up a bit.
  7. Started snowing here in Westford about a half hour ago. Just as I was hammering in the driveway markers and making sure the snowblower was good to go. Sticking incredibly fast.
  8. That’s largely after round 1 is fully done. Then the pause.
  9. This is round two (2pm Monday to 2pm Tuesday) on the NAM. 10:1.
  10. Check out this morning’s discussion on BOX. They basically said the criteria has to do with rate and they weren’t sure it met the threshold.
  11. Yeah much later. I gave up on it on Tuesday morning, but that’s when it gets organized. At that point, it’s really motoring though. Doesn’t stick around long enough to have much of an impact.
  12. Phase 2 is really weak on the NAM. Two runs in a row like this. It just never gets together. Shredded look.
  13. The 06z had it further north. But that was just that one run.
  14. The NAM front end burst is back to being north of the Pike to about central VT/NH west to east. Looks like 4-8 by Monday morning at 10:1.