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  1. Rgem near warning levels nema....sell
  2. I lived in ny but was getting my meteorology degree from what was then Lowell Tech(pre-merger). Drove up to Mass that day in a Datsun hummingbee to visit my roommate on Plum Island. It was, without a doubt, the hottest drive I have ever taken. My other takeaway that day was doing the "bump" all night long at a local disco.
  3. gfs pedestrian, doesn't have the strength of the ggem(perfect combo of strength and you a foot). ukie, don't know
  4. wow canadian! If you want to see how it would be possible, there it is.
  5. Yeah, i posted in other thread that it shows a healthy amount on the nam 3k.
  6. Nam 3k brings 6" to ne ma? Inv trough? Sheesh! Phone shows a strip of red on the precip maps that does not show on my desktop. In any event, this probably should be watched for some fun stuff.
  7. And it continues to snow well after this run ends
  8. Well, to be honest, I think he was just saying that we have gotten ours while he has gotten bupkus. Just his frustration sneaking out.
  9. Interesting to watch the hrrr over the next couple of hours. it washes out a good deal of ema and has snow falling in these areas. we will see.