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  1. That’s my plan also...but bring skins if you got em. Who knows how hard the winds will be howling!
  2. Well that’s good news! I will be heading to Jay later and was hopeful. Hopefully I can get on my new pow boards that I have been salivating over. Thanks again and enjoy it if you get out.
  3. I’m next town over on Berlin and it’s still all snow
  4. So I hear. A buddy of mine used to rent a house close to Jay but has since changed location to Burke area. I assume there are less winds holds at Burke compared to Jay but I hear they don’t get as much snow? And yes, I am fully aware of Jays snow reporting!
  5. It definitely a great mountain when the snow is flying. Also never have to worry about wind holds like many other mountains. My suggestion is to get there on a mid week powder day. Smaller crowds which preserves the powder! That is if your into that type of thing. No frills laid back vibe.
  6. Was at Magic today and it was all time. However with that came the biggest non weekend crowd I have ever seen there. I assume the same crowd tomorrow. Life line was probably 20 min wait at peak. Where you go enjoy it. Sooooo much snow!
  7. Got up to Magic last night. It is definitely fluff. I’m shak Ng from the anticipation!
  8. Sure is....Looks like Big Jay to me?
  9. Headway is good stuff if you ask me. A very solid IPA, differs from say a Treehouse or Trillium IPA. He was the head brewer at NEBCO so he has made some great beers in the past and no reason to think that will change.
  10. I will be heading to Magic. They are not open today and are opening tomorrow for POW day! Tix online are are like $51. Old fix grip lifts that's are sheltered. Old school vibe and great terrain if you into that type of thing. Enjoy wherever you go!
  11. Does this go into mid day Monday in CT?
  12. Is there a consensus on a start time yet?
  13. Might take some later. Considering I'm eating myself to happiness seeing as though I didn't go skiing!
  14. Up at Jay and just got off the mountain. All of 22 in the woods from the past 2 days. What a day!
  15. I'm trying to learn and understand more about how upslope snows work. So with that in mind, does your last statement mean that unblocked flow can amount to less snow in the higher elevations and spill more into the valley? Oh and how and where can you determine blocked vs. unblocked flow on a model? Thanks for any help.
  16. Jay was fantastic today. Snow was still hammering when I left at 3 to drive home. Been along time since I can remember it being that deep in the wood during December. Crowds were not to bad at all either. Which was probably due to all the lifts spinning, that was a nice surprise!
  17. Coming down hard at the base of Jay Peak
  18. Can anyone try to shed some light on winds in NNE Friday? Trying to plan a trip. Thanks
  19. Yeah gnarly for sure. I remember the days of the old tram and workers up on top of those things all the time.