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  1. NNE Winter Thread

    You must have had a more direct impact from that banding. I am at about 19" here 1.5 miles outside of downtown Montpelier. There was definitely a noticeble difference yesterday afternoon from National Life to my house up on North Street 3 miles away. Got out of my car and realized we were close to a foot where NL had less than 6" when I left. Great storm.
  2. NNE Winter Thread

    4.5" new since 10:00 last night for storm total of 17.5". Snow still falling. NWS definitely missed low on this one and had to play catch up last night with winter storm warnings.
  3. NNE Winter Thread

    They better update their map for Montpelier. I was at 10" at 5:30.
  4. NNE Winter Thread

    No doubt we got into that band. Still hammering here although flakes are a little smaller than earlier.
  5. NNE Winter Thread

    What is going on with NWS BTV. Their 3:50 discussion said they are sticking with advisories but their map now shows warnings up for everything east of the spine
  6. NNE Winter Thread

    We got in to really good rates with large flakes from 4:00 till now. Got home and was surprised to see 9" on my board at 5:30. Assuming that means a storm total of around 10 with settling. Half at least of that has come since mid afternoon.
  7. March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    Storm went BOOM in N. Central VT about 4:00 with 2"/hr rates, right at afternoon commute time. Was living vicariously through my sisters in Southern NE all day but now just have to look out the window. 10" storm total and still ripping. Look forward to seeing storm totals from Mass tomorrow morning.
  8. NNE Winter Thread

    All the trends are pointing towards a more tucked storm track. I think by morning BTV discussion time WSW will be up for most of Vermont.
  9. The King Regains its Throne

    Had a hour period of light snows here but now stopped with no accumulation. A sense of dread has settled in with eastern shift in modeled track. Btv totally discounted Euro yesterday. Still hoping for 6 - 8 here.
  10. NNE Winter Thread

    Reading other thread on upcoming storm and a lot of discussion on latest GFS run shifting significantly east. This seems to be a move toward the Euro which NWS BTV was discounting earlier when they bumped snow forecast up this PM. How far east can this go before we lose out on better banding dynamics?
  11. NNE Winter Thread

    7.25" just measured. Had 3.25" @ 3:15 today so 1in/hr average since then. I skied a bit down my sloped field before dark and snow was pretty dense. Hard to make turns on fairly shallow slope. Flake size dramatically bigger since about 5:30.
  12. The Pope's 'And There You Have It" SWFE Feb 7 2018

    3/4" new. Light snow. Very small flakes. Had an initial burst of moderate snow 10:30 to 11:00 but lighter since then. 15/13
  13. NNE Winter Thread

    Nice radar echoes just north of Burlington on composite radar.
  14. NNE Winter Thread

    We had a few stray flakes 8:30 ish and then a lull until about 10 minutes ago, whcn steady light snow kicked in. Judging by the visibility to our west, seems like it will pick up fast now. Enjoy the skiing over the next couple of days.
  15. The Pope's 'And There You Have It" SWFE Feb 7 2018

    First flakes falling here in Central VT. 9/8