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November 2022 OBS/DISC

Baroclinic Zone

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I left Willimantic in October and now I’m in Gainesville FL.

I knew it does not stay super warm here deep into winter but until this week it was pretty reliably around 80 degrees each day.

Not anymore. Now we are seeing a string of 60 degree days. I’m afraid that will be the rule rather than the exception. Next time move to Homestead. At least it’s not brutal in any way. But I will miss those big snowstorms a little on the other hand. The final frontier for a snowstorm to ever impact is the panhandle west. That’s the absolute last place snow gets down to.

 It does not happen here. That’s kind of why we came here.

I am watching out for a blocking pattern which could lead to a true cold snap and while I don’t see it on our doorstep yet I’m not looking forward to that. For now, highs 60s low in 40s.

I wont clutter this sub too often with my foreign posts but i will miss being part of the local banter during snow season 

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4 minutes ago, SouthCoastMA said:

I like where the euro sits for next weekend. Looks like part of the energy breaks off in the southwest, unlike the GFS. If the ridging out west holds a bit longer maybe there would be room for it to come up coast, but right now it all shunts east


Eps is also intriguing 

Courtesy of the Mid Atlantic subforum 



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