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  1. Oh they do that. I always notice that when at a transition point in seasons, the ensuing weather changes frequenly arrive only 3-5 days out on a 10 day long term forecast, invalidating the previously predicted furthest 5 days beyond.
  2. Perhaps even a pigeon! I had considered reindeer or horse but the head wasn’t quite right
  3. The snow is melting and out front the melt has taken such a fashion as to sculpt the head of a dog.
  4. The amount of folks I saw on questionable looking ice here in CT surprised me and mom. Evidently they knew but it was like 38 out and stuff too
  5. Herbal CBD low THC and bit of distillery delight
  6. I can accurately eyeball 3 to 3.5 for the entire event as it ends You can’t call this a bust, just a lowball verification
  7. This feels like nothing new Feels like yesterday This feels like déjà vu Feels like yesterday As above, so below As the universe, so the soul
  8. Vindication answering to mood flake world For us this has turned our to be a very satisfactorily average snowfall winter. Unless a bunch more comes before it’s over
  9. Can this maybe be our fun today. Because most models seem to promise us about 1.5-2 inches before it’s all done
  10. I tossed it but yesterday I saw one model that showed us in a screw zone about 25 miles in diameter... where we only get 1 inch the entire event. It was the only model
  11. I saw it just now. But I’m not betting on it. This storm is like a mirage hahaha
  12. you can see the drift of the radar energy coming from northwest to southeast even though it is spinning from southwest to northeast Radar movements cause contradiction and illusion of movement But it’s annoying to have two busts for underperform in a row
  13. Any ideas what time any more will develop tonight in CT?