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worst feeling day this year temps mid 80's dewpoint at 70...
You think that's bad? I manage a take out place in Rockland County with NO AC! I also work in the kitchen constantly. Right now, it's 88 outside and 97 inside. I keep going out for fresh air!

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4 hours ago, uncle W said:

this is how it looks for the third la nina or weak negative year...

NYC averages slightly above average for temperatures...slightly below average snowfall...


3rd year la nina temp.png

The models are showing it going cold-neutral during the winter (J-F-M time frame). They don’t bring region 3.4 above 0.0C until around March. The difference between a weak Niña and cold-neutral winter is negligible, would be same result as you showed. The trend going forward right now is definitely for the La Niña strengthening going into fall at least however….

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36 minutes ago, bluewave said:

The CFS would make for an interesting pattern change. A fall La Niña transitioning  to a late winter and spring weak modoki El Niño. Just wish we could have more confidence in the CFS.  Would like to see what the Euro has in later forecasts.






The new CANSIPS is out: 


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9 minutes ago, bluewave said:

Today you could make an argument that Newark is out of line with the surrounding sites along I-95. 





This has to be the worst NYC disparity I ever saw...you'd think alone the SW flow would just advect enough for them to go to 92 or so

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