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  1. Only photo that's within the correct file size.
  2. Confirmed water spouts!
  3. Sweet beautiful Jesus look at that hook on that bat storm only mile or 2 north of me possible water spouts!
  4. Usually I look at the pseg li outage map to get a general idea of a storms severity when they happen. But I have noticed that there's been a large number of underground cable failures this year/ lately. The Hamptons area in general I've seen many cable failures, with another one today. Could be pure coincidence, or bad luck, could be increased demand/strain on cables, could be age, etc. Just a side note.
  5. Ahhh! That's the only thing I didn't think of thanks!
  6. What does missing count mean? 2022 says 9 compared to every other year of 0
  7. Just a few 71 hr totals for various areas:
  8. 2 stations east of my weather station had 3.95 inches, 3.07, had 0.90 at park and 0.30 my station... wicked gradients!
  9. Wow apparently parts of my area got over 3 inches! Public Information Statement National Weather Service New York NY 721 PM EDT Mon Aug 22 2022 ...PRECIPITATION REPORTS... Location Amount Time/Date Provider ...Connecticut... ...New London County... Norwich 2.62 in 0440 PM 08/22 AWS 1 NE Norwich 1.56 in 0445 PM 08/22 AWS Groton Airport 1.30 in 0356 PM 08/22 ASOS ...New Jersey... ...Essex County... West Orange 1.78 in 0436 PM 08/22 CWOP Livingston 1.46 in 0430 PM 08/22 CWOP 1.6 W Millburn 1.36 in 0415 PM 08/22 HADS ...Hudson County... Harrison 2.14 in 0445 PM 08/22 AWS ...Passaic County... Oak Ridge Reservoir 1.60 in 0345 PM 08/22 COOP Ringwood 1.48 in 0510 PM 08/22 RAWS ...Union County... Linden Airport 1.23 in 0435 PM 08/22 AWOS ...New York... ...Rockland County... Sparkill 1.46 in 0435 PM 08/22 CWOP ...Suffolk County... Orient Point 3.07 in 0435 PM 08/22 CWOP ...Connecticut... ...Maritime Stations... Quaker Hill 1.74 in 0430 PM 08/22 CWOP &&
  10. -- Changed Discussion -- Much of the showers and embedded thunderstorms ahead of a surface warm front have lifted up into New England, with a trailing line across NE NJ. The latter of which could impact the NYC metro during the next 1-2 hour with possible rainfall rates greater than an inch (localized 2 inch amounts). HRRR also showing additional convection across eastern PA possibly working into NE NJ and the NYC metro between 7-9 pm (should it hold together) and then dissipating fairly quickly. There have been some wet microbursts in this activity with gusts up to 45 mph, but the main threat will be localized flash flooding. Warm front stalls across the area this evening with modest instability and an upper trough approaching from the west. Thus, will maintain scattered showers, possibly a thunderstorm, through the overnight. Otherwise, mostly cloudy with lows in the upper 60s to lower 70s. -- End Changed Discussion --
  11. Yeah I saw some of those on radar for a bit.
  12. This maybe such a big epic bust for some areas while others cashed in. Nyc west, and far eastern long Island did well
  13. Most unusual rain setup far eastern long Island and west of NYC setup... My station at my parents house has 0.25. While 2 miles away is about 0.90 but forget east another 2 or so over plum Island and the water it's 3-4 inches so far lol wacky
  14. Heads up, if everyone who uses radarscope is having data issues, KDIX is updating correctly....
  15. Radar scope has crashed?
  16. It's raining better my end area then other areas.. how ironic lol
  17. This looks depressing for me.
  18. Severe weather is not expected at this time. However, the proximity of the warm front, high helicity values, and 0-3 km shear values of over 40 kt could lend to an isolated tornado, which if it did occur, would occur where the heavier rain showers start to move in as mentioned previously. Climatologically speaking, the warm front moving through the area lends to an increased threat for tornado development.
  19. Boy this fog versus sun fight is relentless out here. Was dead calm this morning but southerly breeze has picked up throwing it ashore in waves.
  20. Omg in idiot I've been there often! Lol I guess that's why it sounded slightly familiar
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