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November Discobs 2021

George BM

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2 hours ago, H2O said:

Wow.  you UHI'd way more than me.  Maybe my lower elevation helped this time.

I think it’s almost all elevation/inversion.  The stations that aren’t on the Tyson’s “ridge” were down in the 30/31 range.  The ones that are were in the 35/36 range.  When I walked down the hill to drop the kid off at school it looked like a different world, and that is like a block away. 

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19 minutes ago, H2O said:

Amazing I’ve beaten you and some others despite being in the tropics. 

29.4° here

Been a weird week. Maybe it snuck down to 32 another morning or two, but definitely been a little warm spot relative to surrounding areas. Not sure why exactly.

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Almost comical at this point.  35.6 for my low.  Even DCA in the river went lower.

I know I talk about it occasionally, but the elevation/cold air drainage/inversion thing is amazing.  This is my frost-free backyard with an extremely frosty soccer field in the background.  The difference in elevation is ~30’.  



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