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2 minutes ago, qg_omega said:

Remember the drought lol

What a change since the Friday of Memorial day weekend.

I take whatever rain comes from Thunderstorms to not have to deal with moving the expandable hoses and sprinklers around the front and back of the house.

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10 minutes ago, Gravity Wave said:

Looks more like 8:00 than 4:00 in Manhattan right now.

Sheeting rain just started here. Hoping for a decent soak.

Settled down to a much more modest drizzle after a brief (5 minutes max) heavy rain.

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Looks more like 8:00 than 4:00 in Manhattan right now.
The street lights came on my route due to the darkness. I delivered my last house and made it safely into my truck before the skies opened. We got a precip lull here but still plenty of thunder and lightning
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On 6/5/2021 at 11:28 AM, uncle W said:

I'm already 84 with my shield in the Sun and next to my pool...I think the shield is to small because its warm to the touch in the Sun...My weather box I built has a larger area for air to circulate around the probe...

I calibrated it with a calibrated mercury thermometer and that was even warmer...I settled for that part of the fence looking SW...I tried other places around the house and it did not help unless it was shaded all day...73 now down from 95...nice storm came thru...


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